Monday, October 10, 2011

My Favorites Collaborated!! Folded and Hung + Marvel Comics

And yes!! That is one hell of a collaboration!

As you all may know by now, (if you have read some posts about Folded and Hung) I have repeatedly said that they are my favorite. I am a big follower of Folded and Hung! It is actually my favorite Pinoy clothing brand, and around 50% of my wardrobe are from FnH!

Also I have declared, during my earlier post, my fascination with Marvel Characters and I even showed parts of my Toy Collection 

The Folded  and Hung - Marvel Collection,  debut last Thursday at their Shangri La Mall store. 
I wasnt able to be the first to see it since I was in Vietnam :(

Here are some pics of the collection..


I want a piece of that Phoenix Shirt

And that Spiderman shirt too

I think this collection will bring back precious memories and fun to Marvel fans (like me)...

Now I am still yet to have my hands on those shirts!! Wait for me this weekend!!!


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  1. Unlike yong composition ng mannequins parang ipa firing squad eh.. Yong windo w display nio.. Pwede yong 3 in 1 jan gruop yong men at naka sepearate yong ladies mannequin.. Or two by two then nasa center sila join yong isang men mannequin at ladies mannequin mag kasama yong dalamwang men mannequins.. Yon ,ay impact n window nio suggest lang po !!!