Thursday, May 31, 2012

David Beckham: Elle Magazine's First Male Cover

Yup!! David Beckham is to be the first male to cover the famous fashion magazine in UK this July. So does this mean it is the start of a new beginning for Elle Magazine Covers??

Elle editor, Lorraine Candy said ...

"David Beckham is a national hero. He is an icon and Elle is known for featuring icons on its cover.

"This is a first for us on the newsstand I believe he is loved by men and women alike. Anyway, who doesn’t want to see a picture of one of the world’s most handsome men on the front cover of a magazine.”

The question now is will this cover be picked up by other Elle Magazine's around the globe??

And since Sir Elton John is considered a national hero and an icon (by the queen) should the readers expect to see him in Elle's upcoming covers?? LoL

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hotmessblogger Is Now A Certified MONSTER


And yes! Lady Gaga has conquered me and the rest of the audience who bought tickets to watch that 2-night Born This Way Ball World Tour in Manila last 21st and 22nd of May!

I consider it more of a spectacle than a concert. A visual and auditory feast!! From the intricate set (that castle!) to the fabulous outfits and the flawless and smooth continuity of the songs. Perfect!

Well obviously I was not converted into worshipping Satan (just like what those stupid demonstrators were saying on their interviews). Last night I saw a performer, an artist, who wanted to entertain her audience to make the money they spent all worth it! As she said it herself, "it's all part of the liberation thing..." which is the primary theme of the whole show.

For me the most special moment of the night was the part where she sang "Hair". It was just her and the keyboard/motorbike, as she addressed her sentiments with the whole brouhaha about her show in Indonesia and the people rallying against her show in Manila.

Here's what she said in between verses of the song.

What she said totally conquered my heart. It sealed the deal, and it baptized me as a legit little Monster!!!

Here are photos taken by popular concert photographer, MARK TERENCE SY during the concert!
"Like" his Facebook Fan Page HERE to see more photos of Lady Gaga

( Photos used with permission from the owner)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Favorite Jessica Sanchez American Idol Performances

And since Jessica Sanchez is already in the Finale next week,
I am listing down my Top 5 Jessica Sanchez Performance!

Here it is... In no particular order...

The Prayer 
I loved this because she served a new rendition of the Celine Dion and Andrea Boccelli classic...
Very angelic yet powerful vocals... and those vibratos are precious!!

I Will Always Love You
This performance was so in time with the death of the original "Voice" Ms Whitney Houston..
It was so well sung (Though bitin) it was like the best AI tribute to Whitney!!

Everybody Has A Dream
This Billy Joel classic gave Jessica "The Moment" and sealed her as the judges' favorite and my
favorite this season!!

I came to know who Jazmine Sullivan is because Jessica sang this song. May not be one of the Judges' favorites, but I think Jessica showcased her fabulous vocals in this performance!! Now Stuttering is part of my playlist!!

Dance With My Father
This is a favorite song of mine and I am so glad Jessica sang this with so much soul!!!

You Are So Beautiful
She made me love this super duper classic song with that very subtle vocals (and that high note!)

and of course!!

And I Am Telling You (Im Not Going)
This is Jessica at it's finest! For a 16 year old to sing this song with so much soul (and just standing in one place) takes so much control and vocal prowess!! She deserves that Standing O!!!


Oh and I went over 5 performances! Its rare to see an AI contestant with so many "moments" during the entire season!!
Next week is going to be interesting. A Singer-Songwriter VS a vocalist!
I hope Jessica would serve those runs and growls that Jimmy asked her to keep inside the hat!!
Next week's finale is the time to show everyone that golden voice!!

And yes, before I forgot, her voice at that age reminds me of Whitney!! Saw whitney (on youtube) when she was 16... raw and pure vocal talent!!

and as a bonus, here's Jennifer Lopez's Dance Again performance last week!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

iStyled PBB Big Winner Slater Young For Manila Bulletin

That Guy Slater



Clothes from FOLDED AND HUNG
MANILA, Philippines — He may have everything laid out for him, like a life so comfortable, or a career so promising. But for recent Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) big winner Jan Slater Young, exploring and learning more about what is outside his comfort zone is something to be excited about.

Called in PBB as the “Hot engineer from Cebu,’’ Slater valued the notion of hard work and humility even as a child who worked at his father’s construction business during summers.
But first, he had to earn the trust of his elders in the business. Slater and his siblings started from the lowest rank in the construction business they owned, even if it meant becoming a welder or helper

“I had to gain their confidence and prove that this boy could be trusted,” Slater said. Prior to joining PBB, Slater was their company’s project manager, responsible for ensuring the success of every project they venture in.

Yet, there are the unforeseen downsides in life that he just has to bear. For instance, Slater considers as his failure, his greatest mistake, not to have passed the board exams for engineers the first time he took it.
“I learned a lot from that. When I failed it [my first board exam], it was more of kumpiyansa since I did not study at all and just worked in the company. I even told myself na kaya ko na ‘yun,” he said.

Slater considers joining the PBB as the most rebellious thing he has ever done to date. Living a sheltered life in Cebu, showbiz was not in his horizon at all.  While his father supported the idea of him being a PBB housemate, his mom was hesitant.

“Siyempre, natatakot siya kung ano mangyayari sa akin kasi marami siyang naririnig na kwento about the industry like drugs, etc.” Slater said.
Today, all’s well that ends well. After his stint as a PBB housemate, nothing has really changed about Slater. Things go on as planned for him by his managers. It is just that he really misses home, which is Cebu.

“In Cebu, everything is there when you get home. I was the boss and life was really comfortable unlike here na nakikitira lang muna ako sa cousin ko and this is a big adjustment for me,” he mused.

With or without the newfound fame, Slater remains the self-conscious person that he has always been – but for good measure.

“Even without showbiz, I really have to be conscious. Nandiyan talaga ‘yung pressure since I carry the name of my family,” he said.
In the near future, he would like to try hosting, more than acting. But he does not shun the idea of being paired off with the likes of Jessy Mendiola, his co-star in E-boy, or another PBB winner Kim Chiu, or his showbiz crush, Iza Calzado.  Really, who knows! 

Article from
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iStyled Robi Domingo for Manila Bulletin

 A Job Well Done

Clothes from FOLDED AND HUNG
Twice in a row, TV host Robi Domingo has been deprived of precious graduation moments.

He missed his high school graduation from the Ateneo High School because at that time, he was inside the Pinoy Big Brother House. He finished second place in the PBB Teen Edition Plus in 2008.
Four years later, on the day he clinched a degree in Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences from the Ateneo de Manila University, Robi had to rush off to a hosting commitment.

“I had to leave right after the graduation. I didn’t even get to savor my graduation. We didn’t have the time to take pictures. The only pictures I had were when I went up the stage to get my diploma and a family picture,” says Robi.

But no regrets there, Robi qualifies. And why should there be? Since PBB, it has all been one blessing after another for him. After appearing in various shows, he is now a regular in the Sunday variety show “ASAP”, and a MYX VJ.


Robi admits to struggling during those four years when he was doing both work and college. He came to a point that he was contemplating on quitting showbiz.

“I remember when I was doing ‘Boystown’, I didn’t go home for five days. Because I had summer school then, I take my shower, breakfast and everything else in Ateneo and go straight to taping. No sleep at all. Coffee was my best friend,” he recalls.

Still, he considers those times to be the best years of his life.

“I really don’t know how I did it. People would often ask me, what’s your secret? I would always tell them, more than the talent fees or the popularity, showbiz has given me this sense of responsibility and maturity. It also taught me to value life,” explains Robi.

By far, he says, having successfully balanced college life and showbiz is his biggest accomplishment. He had been a consistent dean’s lister too. His parents Roberto and Mary Ann, who are both doctors, and younger brother Maro, kept him motivated all throughout.

“They were really responsible for everything. My mom was responsible for pushing me to audition for PBB when I was in high school. My mom was kinda a frustrated actress. Pinasa na lang niya sa akin ‘yung dream niya. While my dad told me, only a few can do such, so I should savor the moment, that it is once-in-a-lifetime,” remembers Robi.


At 22, Robi is certainly living life to the fullest, even if he has decided to put on hold his medical studies for a year to seize the good opportunities that have been coming his way. He is at present hosting “Pinoy Big Brother Uber 2012” on ABS-CBN.

“My parents are very supportive of my showbiz career. They’re actually the ones who told me to take the year off. But pursuing med school is already a solid decision. My dad advised lang to rest at least for a year. Sabi niya, na-experience na raw niya kasi lahat ng pagdadaanan ko going into med school, like 28 hours of studying straight, so for now, I should enjoy life muna habang bata pa ako,” relates Robi.

Although he is still undecided what to specialize in, Robi would want to advocate free health care services, just like his parents do.

“What’s frustrating is the lack of access to health care. Filipinos die because they don’t have access to medical needs or treatments. In most cases, money comes first before the health of the patient. Most people here don’t have the means to pay. Unlike in other countries, whatever happens, they prioritize health more than anything. I think it is my mission to help the society in terms of giving them what is due through their medical needs,” says the future doctor.


His stint as a teen housemate also taught him a lot of lifelong lessons.

“After every task, may lesson. At first mahirap, like ‘yung task na we have to transfer rice grains from the sacks to brown paper bags using only chopsticks,” recalls Robi.
The PBB experience also made him realize the importance of family.

“When I was inside the house, what I missed terribly was the bond of the family. You won’t really get to appreciate them when you are with them everyday, but when you’re away from them, you actually long for them,” he says.

Now that Robi has a lot more free time in his hands, he is raring to do the things he missed doing when he was juggling school and work.

“I would take this gap year to travel. I would really want to explore some Asian countries, cruise with my family. Spend more time with the dogs. It has always been my childhood dream to play the flute so I might just try to learn to play it. Or simply bum around the house and play video games,” he says with a laugh.

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