Sunday, October 2, 2011

Dont Hate The Cigarette

What's up with these people??!!!

A few weeks ago, YES! Magazine issue covers Nora Aunor (The Superstar) in black and white, armed with a cigarette and that diva stare! And immediately a group of doctors and a priest reacted negatively about it. Saying that it is not right for a star like Nora to be showing a bad image (holding that cig) because it can influence the youth and so and so forth.

While I may agree on some of their views, I still find it overreacting for them to conduct such noise (eg presscon) I personally find Nora's picture tasteful and classy. According to YES Magazine's Editor In Chief, the picture wanted to show a stronger and fiercer Nora Aunor, and I think they are successful in portraying that.

And then came Rogue Magazine's October 2011 Issue....
With a picture of Anne Curtis in Black and White and holding a cigarette with Paris as it's backdrop.
Then again the same people responded negatively.

How these people react to photos/covers like these show how questionable our values can get. Their reason, saying "these are not good examples and may influence the youth" (while can be acceptable by people like me) is a sign of how weak our family values can get. Though I believe that the media is involved in shaping the minds of the youth, it is still what's inside the home (family) that is primarily responsible in shaping our youth's mind.

For me, as long as it is tastefully done, then so be it... 
Fashion is Art, Art has no rules, Thus fashion. 
Taste is not what the people says it is, it is subjective! 
So those people should try to begin to open their minds and focus on instilling values to their kids.


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