Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Photos: Human/ Black Human Spring-Summer 2012 (Philippine Fashion Week Oct 23 2011)

Human and Black Human, actually started the show last Sunday!! And must I say, it opened the whole show really well. It was a styling feast. And you really shouldn't take your eyes off the stage, because you will definitely miss a lot if you do. 

Here are some pics taken from my digicam!

I'd love to have a piece of that jacket!

Fashion Must Go On Shirt, The Pants, The Boots, and that Rosary Belt

Im not sure if that leather shorts will be available in their stores (Human) though!

That floral skirt....

worn by a man!

The rest of the Human Collection!
There are nice printed shirts/tops and jeans that I would love to have in my closet! I hope I could see them available in their stores soon. I fell in love with men-floral prints after their show!

Pictures below are from Black-Human collection!!

From the name itself- all pieces are either black or white!

Skinny jeans layered with harem shorts!!

I was inspired by that OB-belt... Im making one to complete my halloween costume!

There are sweaters and shirts that are non-contemporary...

The rest of the Black-Human Collection....
Most of the pieces from the Black-Human collection are edgy. I see stylish and fearless individuals on the streets wearing them!!

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