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iStyled: Jasmine Curtis for Manila Bulletin 10/12/2011

New Girl

MANILA, Philippines — She is the newest favorite cover girl in town. Yet, everything is oh so new to Jasmine Curtis-Smith!
“I’m still adjusting. Like a few days ago, we launched my very first clothing endorsement. But I was surprised because the focus was on me. I didn’t know what to feel. Lalo akong kinabahan. It was good that Ate (Anne Curtis) was there. So before I went on stage, she told me to just try to hold myself together,” she relates.

At 17 years old, Jasmine still goes to her Ate Anne for almost everything, including advices on love, showbiz, and even on what to wear.

“I’m not so much of the kikay type. It’s more of her,” she reveals. “When it comes to dressing up, like today for our photo shoot, I tried to dress up for you guys and be more kikay. And when I kissed her goodbye earlier, she said, ‘oh my, Jasmine you look so cute!’.

"She approved of my outfit today! Because sometimes she’s like, why are you wearing that? She’s my stylist and guidance counselor rolled into one!”

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Comparison between Jasmine and sister Anne cannot be avoided. But as she is trying to build a name for herself, Jasmine hopes that people will see her for her and not for being someone’s little sis.
“People know who I am because of my sister. It’s both an advantage and a privilege. If not for her, mas mahihirapan ako to break into the industry. I’m so proud of her because she did it all on her own.
I hope to achieve at least half of what my Ate has achieved,” says Jasmine who as a little girl used to visit Anne on the set of her tapings.

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Her busy life now is a far cry from what she described as a routine life she leads in Melbourne, Australia. During extended school breaks, Jasmine makes it a point to fly to Manila to attend to her budding career.
“Before signing up for TV5, everyday was such a routine for me. But I’m the type who wants to challenge myself. I need to do something that excites me and different from what I’ve been doing. Hindi na lang ako nasa bahay, nakatambay. Now I’m doing something productive and something I enjoy,” she enthuses.

Jasmine shares that she lives a very normal and private life back in Melbourne. Down Under, she is a typical teenager who goes home after school and does her home work before she goes to sleep. On weekends, she goes out with friends and checks on her Facebook.
“My privacy is that one thing I had to sacrifice. But I’m lucky because I get to go back to Australia and live my private life there. No showbiz around me. It’s very quiet where I live. So very relaxed,” says Jasmine, who was born in Australia and is the second of three kids of Australian lawyer James Curtis-Smith and Filipina Carmen Ojales.
Jasmine finished elementary in the Philippines, at St. Paul’s College in Pasig before moving to Australia for high school at Loyala College.
“The main condition that I had with joining showbiz was I get to keep my education. It was my own decision. My Ate also told me, if I’m going to join showbiz I make sure na kaya kong isabay pati ang pag-aaral ko. And I’m lucky because my school life is in Australia and showbiz life is here.
"So far, hindi naman ako nahihirapan. I’m doing really well in school. I got four gold merit awards for French, Studio Arts, Youth Ministry and English, and then two silver merit awards for Hospitality and Math,” she proudly says.
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Back home, Jasmine is not known among her schoolmates as a young aspiring star in the Philippines. “It’s not that I’m embarrassed, but I just want things not to be different. I want my classmates and friends to see me as me.”
Now that she’s one year away from graduating from high school, the young actress is mulling over the idea to stay in the country for college. “Initially, I wanted to become a teacher, or a lawyer. But I realized na mahirap pala mag-aral ng law.
I found other interests instead like Psychology and Journalism. I find writing calming. I keep a diary and I write anything. I also post things online. Before I joined showbiz, I had a blog and people would actually follow me,” she relates.
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Jasmine is aware that with celebrity comes a great deal of responsibility. “There’s pressure to be a role model to the youth but it is not a stressful kind of pressure. I make sure that I’m honest and real in what I do,” she says.
Likewise, Jasmine took her passion for school further by advocating the importance of education as a youth ambassador for World Vision Australia and World Vision Philippines.
“Education is still important to me and I want to get that message across to everyone because it’s something that you’ll treasure for life. I hope I can help more charities and give back more. I think we have so much. Why not share it,” she adds.
With her older sister Anne paving the way for her, Jasmine hopes to set an image that is not far from her Ate Anne’s. “She’s such a great role model for everyone including the young teens. Swerte ko that my Ate has a good heart.
She has this type of personality that wants to help, that wants to give back. She exposed me to become that type of person. So in a way, with her being my role model, I want to be someone else’s role model as well. And I don’t want to disappoint someone who sees me as a role model,” she ends.

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