Tuesday, May 31, 2011

For Tonight: X-men First Class

So I will be attending the advance screening of X-men: First Class tonight in SM Mall of Asia, thanks to friends who gave the passes!

And now, I'm back to being an excited kid!! As I've said in my previous posts, I am a certified Marvel Action Hero Fan! Any Marvel Comic that's translated into the big screen makes me tingle in excitement!

What's so special with X-men??

Let's just say X-men is the first ever cartoon/TV series I appreciated when I was young. Yes, I was first introduced with The Uncanny X-men when I was 7, and it immediately became my favorite. 

From the Blue and Yellow Spandex Costumes (which i dreamt of wearing) to the Story Plots (discrimination and alienation drama) everything about it became a favorite.
It even inspired me to collect Action Figures!! Not that much though, Some from DC but mostly from Marvel..

So ever since the first ever X-men movie came out, I made it a point to not miss a single Marvel Movie showing on the big screen!

That means tonight is one big night for me!!

I'll be posting some pics and my biased review of it soon! Hopefully I could spot some personality! lol

Bye for now!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Very Own Studded Shoulder Shirt!!

Another one of my very owns!

And since I can't find the motivation and inspiration to finish my very own studded sneakers... 

And I'm going (have to go/ went/ attended) to a friend's farewell party last Friday!

And I don't wanna spend another round of kachings for a fabulous set of clothes!

I've decided to make my own piece of Studded Shoulder Shirt... I patterned it from the shirt below by Literature Noir!
I took an old black shirt from my closet, and the remaining studs from the Studded Sneaker project! Hand-stitched it for a day and half (just to make sure it won't fall off). And there!! Haha

You can do your own! Just have enough patience when you stitch 'em!


One my favorite local brands is stepping up a notch this year! Yes, it's Penshoppe! They have served excitement to people like me (who supports local fashion brands) within the last couple of years by releasing stylish and fabulous clothes that you cant find elsewhere. Now that their celebrating their 25th anniversary, Penshoppe will serve even more! This time around they'll be bringing Hollywood to Manila. It is confirmed that Ed Westwick (famous for his role in TV series, Gossip Girl) will be their new endorser. Now I'm really excited to see that campaign!!!

( photo from GQ.com )
Here's the release!!

by Joyce A. Ramirez on Saturday, May 28, 2011 at 10:00pm

The new face of the Philippines’ leading fashion brand PENSHOPPE is none other than international star ED WESTWICK, better known the world over as Chuck Bass, an overly confident and sexy bad boy, in the popular television series "Gossip Girl," from Josh Schwartz ("The O.C."), based on the tremendously popular book series about privileged teenagers who attend an elite private school in New York City.

The announcement was recently confirmed by PENSHOPPE Brand Director Alex Mendoza stating that, “the selection of (Westwick) was for the British-born actor to headline the brand’s 2011/12 campaign in the Philippines as well as to introduce a fresh new face that will represent PENSHOPPE’s new and revitalized image,” he explained. “We believe it is time to appoint someone on an international scale. It’s time to show everyone that PENSHOPPE is upgrading itself to international levels. Someone like Ed fits the mindset and is admired by our market.”

Since the introduction of his bad boy character Chuck Bass in the popular series Gossip Girl in 2007, his alter ego has made a unique style impression that has since landed him in magazine covers as well as a style copied by men the world over.

“On its 25th year, PENSHOPPE is proud to have actor Ed Westwick as our headliner. His presence and charisma will definitely wake the Philippines to the fact that what is originally Philippine made can also be worn proudly by a worldwide icon as well as people around the world.”

Ed is set to fly to Manila first week of June to shoot the campaign with Australian fashion photographer Darren Tieste in cooperation with international publicity firm PR Asia Worldwide. The actor will endorse PENSHOPPE’s pre-Holiday 2011 to Summer 2012 collection. Mendoza shares, “Ed will embody the free and easy, sophisticated casual style that the brand is known for.”


In February 2011 Westwick starred in the romantic comedy “Chalet Girl," with Felicity Jones, Tamsin Egerton and Bill Nighy. Directed by Phil Traill, the story details the story of a young girl from a working class suburb who lands a job in an ultra-glam ski resort, where she's totally out of her depth until she discovers her natural snowboarding genius and the boss's gorgeous son Johnny (Westwick).

In March 2011, he began filming Clint Eastwood’s biographical film “J. Edgar”. Westwick will play Agent Smith, Hoover’s biographer alongside all-star cast Leonardo DiCaprio, Arnie Hammer, Naomi Watts, Judi Dench and Jeffrey Donovan. This film is set for release in 2012.

In 2009 Westwick had a guest star role on the Showtime comedy, “Californication” as Balt, a vampire-obsessed student of Hank’s, played by David Duchovny.

He was also seen in "Son of Rambow," an independent film directed by Garth Jennings. Westwick played Lawrence, a bully and surrogate father figure to his devoted younger brother. "Son of Rambow," which premiered at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival, caused quite a buzz at the festival, selling to Paramount Vantage for the highest amount at the festival.

Westwick was awarded the Young Hollywood Breakthrough Award at the 2009 Young Hollywood Awards.  An emerging young British actor trained at The National Youth Theatre in London, Westwick has been seen in “100 Feet” starring Famke Janssen and Bobby Cannavale and “S. Darko” a sequel to the hit movie “Donnie Darko”.He also played the role of Alex in Alfonso Cuaron's "Children of Men," opposite Clive Owen and Julianne Moore. Westwick was also seen playing the role of Zoran in Anthony Mighella's "Breaking and Entering," opposite Jude Law, Juliette Binoche and Robin Wright Penn.

Additional credits include guest leads in "Afterlife" for ITV1, "Casualty" for the BBC, "Doctors" for the BBC and "Dream Team" for Sky One. When not filming "Gossip Girl" in New York City, Westwick resides outside London.


Known for its fresh but sophisticated take on casual wear, high quality products and affordable prices, PENSHOPPE is the flagship brand of Golden ABC, the Philippines’ leading casual clothing brand.

The first boutique opened its doors in SM City North EDSA in 1991. Since then, PENSHOPPE's network of stores has grown to 300 sites, all strategically located in the key areas where its loyal style-aware patrons shopped, hung out and had fun. In 2002, PENSHOPPE broke Filipino Retail Barriers when it opened its first store in Xiamen, China.

With its 25-year strong heritage in up-to-date, global design and style; innovative marketing and advertising campaigns and strategies; and keen business acumen, PENSHOPPE is poised and rearing to bring its own unique brand of casual wear to the rest of the world.


PENSHOPPE has signed up international star ED WESTWICK as its new lead endorser for its 25th anniversary. The face of the 24 year old British-born actor will be seen in PENSHOPPE’s Pre-Holiday 2011 to Summer 2012 campaign spanning print, billboards, in-store campaigns, retail outlets as well as digital media including the brand’s official website, Facebook and Twitter pages in the Philippines.

The campaign was originally conceptualized and made possible by international publicity firm PR Asia Worldwide for PENSHOPPE on its 25th year Anniversary celebration.

Over the year, PENSHOPPE hopes that their campaign activities this 2011 as well as the use of social media promotions will generate millions of Filipino fans to support the brand even more.

Photos of Ed Westwick courtesy of GQ.com
Ad Campaign pic from Penshoppe.com

Thursday, May 26, 2011

In Case You're Wondering... It's Tina Marasigan

If you guys are wondering who this (Zhang Ziyi look-alike) gorgeous girl is from Fabio Ide's feature on Manila Bulletin. No need to think hard, it's Tina Marasigan!!!
If you are a Beauty Pageant enthusiast, you might have heard her name during the latest Binibining Pilipinas Beauty Pageant, yes, she was one of the Top Finalist. What surprised me more, was when i learned that Tina also joined Ford Supermodel of the World 2009 and she was part of the Top 10 Finalist of the said international modelling contest.

Here's a feature about Tina on Manila Bulletin- Students and Campuses yesterday 05/24/2011...

MANILA, Philippines -- Who would have thought that a girl who got one foot overrun by a jeepney, one who once got bullied in school because of her looks would grow up to be a ramp model and a beauty queen?
Twenty three year-old Maria Kristina Marasigan never saw herself being a finalist in both the Binibining Pilipinas 2011 pageant and Ford Supermodel of the World (2009), much less walk the ramp swathed in glitz and glam.
if you wanna read the full article, click here
In grade school, Tina was also frequently teased by her classmates because of her geeky appearance. She would often bury her nose in school books, carrying a heavy backpack that would make her back hunched. She was also the type of girl who didn’t care about her image.
It was not until high school that she started to fix herself. In college at the University of Santo Tomas (UST), Tina’s friends convinced her into joining the school’s various beauty pageants and fashion shows.

Her whole experience of being bullied was the story that inspired her to write an essay to enter the Ford Supermodel of the World in 2009. Tina did not expect to go as far as being part of the top 10 finalists. She did not bag the plum prize but little did Tina know that it would not be the last of the surprises waiting for her.
if you wanna read the full article, click here
Photos by Jerico Montemayor
Styled by Jp Diche
Tina's Make up by Eman Deleon
Tina's Hair by Adrian Adraincem
Shot on location at Johnny Rockets 
Clothes from Penshoppe
(located at The Veranda, Robinsons Galleria)

Fabio Ide Feature on Manila Bulletin 05/24/2011

Here To Stay

Article by Jaser Marasigan
Click here for the full article...

MANILA, Philippines -- The process of learning never stops for Brazilian-Japanese model Fabio Ide. That is basically the reason why he grabbed the opportunity to be a model, so he can travel the world, discover, and explore different cultures. And of course, there is the process of earning while having fun.
“In the beginning I was shy. I don’t know if I wanted to do this. Then when I started working and making good money from modeling, that was when I said, ok I’ll do this. When I was offered to work in Hong Kong, that’s when I realized, through modeling I can explore the world. I can learn so many different things,” relates Fabio, who was then trying to finish a Marketing degree, while doing modeling on the side.
Fabio has already graced the pages of various catalogues and magazine editorials and has walked the ramps in China, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Los Angeles, and Capetown in South Africa.
And like his fellow Brapanese models Daniel Matsunaga and Akihiro Sato, Fabio has found a new home in the Philippines.

Click here for the full article...

Not known to many, Fabio paved the way for the other Brazilian models to eke a career here in the Philippines. He was the first to land here in 2006.

Fabio is currently seen in three shows on GMA, including the late-night Saturday show Comedy Bar, a sitcom (Andres de Saya) and a talk show (Tweetbiz Insiders).
“I wasn’t expecting to be working on these shows all at the same time but I’m happy and I feel so blessed. But at the same time there’s pressure to really focus on my career and make it work.
To prove that I deserve all these breaks I’m getting. I keep on hearing people saying, ‘oh he’s just good looking.’ I want to prove to them and myself that I have the talent as well.”

“I told myself, this year is the year when I will improve myself and speak really good Tagalog. Everything is different that’s why it’s a challenge. If I’m in Brazil, with the experience that I have, maybe I would be a big star there now. But here, for you to get there, it takes awhile, and that’s the challenge. You have to study a lot to improve yourself as a model and as an actor,” explains Fabio.
Click here for the full article...

More Pictures!!!

Clothes and Accessories from Penshoppe 
Photos by Jerico Montemayor of Illuminati
Styled by Jp Diche
Fabio's Make up by Rhina Montemayor
Fabio's Hair by Adrian Adraincem
Shot on Location at Johnny Rockets (The Veranda at Robinsons Galleria)
Special Thanks to Edgar Bondoc, Mollie De Guzman, Geneva Britania, Rocel Roque, Maffy Silvala, and Jonas Gaffud, and to Manila Bulletin Students and Campuses Section

Clothes and Accessories from Penshoppe 
Tina's Make Up by Eman De Leon
Tina's Hair by Adrian Adraincem

Many thanks again Johnny Rockets for the food. They're located at The Veranda at Robinsons Galleria!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fabio Ide Sneak on Manila Bulletin

He's cool and friendly, really!!

Today, Students and Campuses featured Brapanese model/host/actor Fabio Ide and I had the privilege to style for this shoot!! 

If there's one thing I like the most in styling famous models (turned actors), that is they'd wear anything you ask them to wear. That is what exactly happened with our shoot with Fabio, he was very professional, he wore every piece I chose, armed with his best accessory, his smile!

Here's a preview pic of Fabio... Tomorrow I'll post the rest of the pictures including those which didn't make the cut.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Favorite Cakes are from MedChef

Medchef cakes by Chef Hasset Go are ♥ ♥ ♥ and more!!

Weekends make me excited because, it not only serves as my work-free moments, but also, it is the time when I can indulge on foods that I can't usually eat on weekdays. Also, weekends are the schedules when Food Night Bazaars are open here in the Metro. I usually frequent the one in Bonifacio Global City, it's called Midnight Mercato.

Everytime I go to Midnight Mercato, the first thing I buy are Medchef Cakes before anything else. Why do I love Medchef Cakes?? I think because it has tickled my passion for sweets, aside from the fact that it has healthy food choices. My all-time favorites are "Mango Torte" and "Bread Pudding Creme Brulee." You should try it, as well as their Molten Chocolate Decadence and their Pastry Tower. I swear their cakes are heavenly!
(photo of Bread Pudding Creme Brulee from Medchef Facebook Page)

Medchef has a shop in Mother Ignacia QC (right across ABSCBN), it is also available at Banchetto (Ortigas) and Mercato (The Fort) on Friday nights and weekend mornings!

What's more??

Medchef not only offers sweet treats but also it offers feast for the eyes. If you're lucky enough to drop by Medchef posts in Mercato you can also spot cute and friendly Chef Hasset Go!! 
(Chef Hasset Go preparing the Pastry Tower)

So girls (and girls at heart) out there, drop by Medchef at Mercato, try their cakes and try your luck with Chef Hasset! lol

If you want to learn more about this Cutie Chef Hasset, you can read a story about him here ..

Know more about Mercato
Know more about Medchef

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ANTM Cycle 17 All-Star Cast Revealed

Who will be the fiercest loser!?

Yes, I got really excited when i heard America's Next Top Model will be doing an All-Star Cycle. Losers from cycle 1 to 16 will have another chance to battle it up to be America's Next Top Model in the upcoming Cycle this fall.

here are the models who will battle it out on the runway!

Cycle 1: Shannon Stewart, runner-up 

Cycle 2: Camille McDonald, fifth place

Cycle 4: Brittany Bower, fourth place

Cycle 5: Bre Scullark, third place

Cycle 5: Lisa D’Amato sixth place

Cycle 9: Bianca Golden, fourth place

Cycle 10: Dominique Reighard, fourth place

Cycle 11: Isis King, 10th place

Cycle 11: Sheena Sakai, sixth place

Cycle 12: Allison Harvard, runner-up

Cycle 13: Laura Kirkpatrick runner-up

Cycle 14: Angelea Preston, fourth place

Cycle 15: Kayla Ferrel, fourth place

Cycle 16: Alexandria Everett, fourth place

I'm seeing major bitches, a Niki Taylor Look-alike, a couple of ugly pretty girls, a tranny, a lesbian,  and a  poor girl from the suburbs, this is going to be interesting. Although I think there are more deserving losers from the previous cycles that can bring competition to this cycle.

So who do you think will be the fiercest loser??

My bets are Isis, Angelea, and Kayla.

Boys of Summer by Students and Campuses (Complete Pictures and More)

As promised!! Here is summer's last hurrah!! 
The Boys of Summer

With only a few weeks left until school starts, Students and Campuses Bulletin gives you these hot young celebrities that you'll surely keep buzzing about even after summer's over...
(if you want to read the full article, click here) 

(if you want to read the full article, click here) 

Sam Concepcion
18, singer, actor, dancer, host, advocate for World Vision, Department of Education ambassador.

What is the craziest pick-up line you’ve used on a girl? 
I really don’t use pick up lines. I try to strike a conversation, and I usually think of something on top of my head, or something I noticed about her. I try to find a common ground so that we can have something to talk about.

full article, click here

Navy-striped Shirt and Denim Cargo Shorts from Bench
Sunglasses and Belt from MSense available at SM Department Stores

Enrique Gil
19, star of “Mula sa Puso” and “Good Vibes.” A laid-back kind of guy.

Which do you prefer, to party on the beach with friends, or to go on a road trip with someone you like? 
Road trip with someone I like! Okay rin ‘yung beach with friends, but I will remember the road trip more. Kasi ‘pag friends ang kasama, the next morning hindi mo na maalala ‘yung mga nangyari. Siguro I’d take her somewhere cold and romantic, maybe somewhere in the South — Laguna or Tagaytay. I want it laid-back, chill.

full article, click here

Blue Sleeveless Top, Cargo-boardshorts, and Belt from Folded and Hung

Fredison Lo
21, all-around performer, artist-on-the-side, self-confessed dork, Communication Arts major, cast member of TV5’s remake of ‘80’s sitcom “Iskul Bukol.”

A girl’s pretty face is enough to catch any guy’s initial interest, but what’s the deal breaker in finding out if you’re really into someone? 
I’m really into the smart, quiet type…the girl-next-door with a bit of a wild side. ‘Yung parang may kulo sa loob…and funny ‘cause I’m naturally not funny, which is weird ‘cause I’m in a sitcom now.

full article, click here

V-neck Shirt from  Folded and Hung
Blue Shorts from Marrkus available at SM Department Store
Belt from MSense available at SM Department Store

Marco MaƱalac
22, actor, commercial model, Ateneo De Manila University cum laude Communication graduate, writer.

Have you ever wanted to get out of a date so bad that you invented some lame excuses? 
No, I never do that. Respect naman for the girl, not to hurt her feelings. Be nice because even if a date is not working, just try to have a good time like good friends. It’s like closing a door on everything if you are going to do that.

full article, click here

Jacket from Cambio (available at SM Department Store)
Knitted Sando from Folded and Hung
Orange Shorts from Markkus available at SM Department Stores...


On Sam... Green Checkered Top, Brown Jeans from Bench 

On Enrique... Red Checkered Sleeveless Top, Acid Washed Torned Skinny Jeans, Necklace, and Belt from Folded and Hung

On Fredison... Hooded Checkered Top from Cambio (Available at SM Dept Stores), Denim Shorts from Folded and Hung , accessories from MSense (Available at SM Dept Stores)

On Marco... Checkered Top from Folded and Hung, Grey Denims from 101 New York (through SM Dept Stores)

Photography by Jerico Montemayor
(Assisted by Paolo Sy) of Illuminati
Creative Direction by Jaser Marasigan
Styling by James Patrick Diche
Grooming by Eman De Leon (For revlon)
and Rhina Montemayor
Shot on location at Manila Diamond Hotel

Special thanks to AC Castro, SM Department Store, Millie Castro, 
Alan Vianzon (Folded and Hung), Gian Carlo Vizcarra (Stages)

Photos owned by Manila Bulletin- Students and Campuses
visit their fan page HERE
full article here www.mb.com.ph