Tuesday, May 31, 2011

For Tonight: X-men First Class

So I will be attending the advance screening of X-men: First Class tonight in SM Mall of Asia, thanks to friends who gave the passes!

And now, I'm back to being an excited kid!! As I've said in my previous posts, I am a certified Marvel Action Hero Fan! Any Marvel Comic that's translated into the big screen makes me tingle in excitement!

What's so special with X-men??

Let's just say X-men is the first ever cartoon/TV series I appreciated when I was young. Yes, I was first introduced with The Uncanny X-men when I was 7, and it immediately became my favorite. 

From the Blue and Yellow Spandex Costumes (which i dreamt of wearing) to the Story Plots (discrimination and alienation drama) everything about it became a favorite.
It even inspired me to collect Action Figures!! Not that much though, Some from DC but mostly from Marvel..

So ever since the first ever X-men movie came out, I made it a point to not miss a single Marvel Movie showing on the big screen!

That means tonight is one big night for me!!

I'll be posting some pics and my biased review of it soon! Hopefully I could spot some personality! lol

Bye for now!

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