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iStyled: Mark McMahon for Manila Bulletin (Nov 23 2011)

The Rookie

Photos by PAOLO SY
Styled by JP DICHE
Clothes and Accessories from BENCH

MANILA, Philippines — Growing up it was clear to Filipino-Scottish midfielder and striker Mark McMahon what he wanted to do in life — to play for the Philippine National Football Team.
For every kid that plays football, it is a childhood dream for them to be a professional football player, says Mark.
“I realized that I was good at it when people started telling me. Even my father said so. He used to play for the youth team as well. Going pro has always been a dream.
But only some achieve their dreams because they worked hard for it and dedicated themselves to it, and that’s what I intend to do,” says Mark who started playing when he was 11 years old, and quickly developed a high level skill of the game.
And so after representing the youth football team of Scotland from which he gained enough experience, exposure and skills, the 20-year-old Mark felt that it was time to go back to the Philippines and play for his home country.
“I guess it’s the Filipino in me calling. It’s always good to represent your own country. It’s a big deal. I want to be a part of this because it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to represent the Philippines,” Mark says.
Earlier this year, Mark had contacted the Azkals through Facebook after reading that the Philippine team was looking for foreign-based players.
“I thought I had a chance to go to the Philippine National Footbal l Team and probably it won’t be that tough to get in because it is still developing. So I flew in, trained and tried out.
I went to the training camp in Bacolod where I played friendly games. It is an opportunity I didn’t want to miss. It is something I want to do, really badly,” relates the semi-professional player for the Scottish club Loreburn Thistle Football Club.
Aside from training for the Azkals, Mark is also a member of the Internacionale Football Club, which plays for the United Football League-Philippines.

Mark came from humble beginnings. He was born in Siargao, Surigao del Norte to a Filipino mother and Scottish father. When the family moved to Glasgow, Scotland, that was when he discovered his love for football.
Since his father is a huge football fan, they would always watch the games together on TV, most especially when matches of Real Madrid or Manchester United were on.
“Football was always on TV and there was always news of people transferring and how much money they earned just to play football. And it’s ridiculous how much money is involved. It’s a sport but also it’s a business. So I thought I want to take this path, be serious and focus on it,” says Mark.
It is important to start in football when you’re a kid, he admonishes.
“Try to learn things while you’re younger, that’s the most important thing to do. Not when you’re older. Learn everything while you’re young,” says Mark, who gives as much importance to his studies having recently graduated with a Sports and Recreation Management degree from the Dumfries and Galloway College.
Aside from his father, Mark names Real Madrid’s top winger, Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, as his idol.
“It was his drive and his love for the game that got Cristiano Ronaldo to where he is today.  He is skillful and entertaining. I like players that entertain fans also not just play football. He’s unique, he’s different. When he gets the ball, everyone is always excited because he’s going to do something special and spectacular. He wanted to be the best player in the world when he was young and now he’s achieved that,” says Mark of his idol.

When out in the field, Mark likewise manages to stand out in the field with his good looks and physique, so it is no surprise that he has recently crossed over to modeling and acting.
“I always like to do everything, learn new experiences. I find it a challenge because you’re not going to be the best at it just like that. It’s a challenge to improve and make a name for yourself. I remember my family would always tell me, maybe you should try acting or modeling too, because here they like those who have mixed races,” he muses.
Mark was discovered by Elite Modeling Agency in a mall, and not long after, he already got booked for a number of TV and print advertisements, including an endorsement for Bench. He also starred in his first movie, GMA Films’ youth-oriented movie “Tween Academy: Class of 2012”. He recently signed up as one of the newest young talents of GMA Artist Center.
“Opportunities are coming in so fast, and these things I can’t miss. Learning acting is quite a challenge, doing it in front of the camera where people are going to watch you.
It would also be a challenge to make a name for myself in showbiz, modeling and sports. Let’s see how things are going to play out,” he continues, adding that his advantage from among the other Filipino-foreigners pursuing an acting career here is he can speak good Filipino.
“Growing up, my mom would speak to me in Visayan and Tagalog even in Scotland. My dad also loves the Philippines. I eat a lot of Filipino food like isaw and kinilaw. I was taught to say po and opo,” he shares.

Dealing with homesickness is the most difficult among the challenges that he is encountering now that he is living here.
“Being independent is a good experience. I feel like a grown-up. I’ve been here a couple of times for a vacation but this is the longest time that I’ve been away from the family, and it is actually quite harder than I expected. But at the same time, it feels good to support myself, and making money for the family if in case they need anything.”
Mark has no plans of leaving football, even if he is also getting work elsewhere, like modeling and acting, to sustain himself.
“Right now I plan on living here all my life because I want to do well here. But I definitely won’t give up playing football over showbiz. I also hope to coach a football team in the future. I don’t have the qualifications and the experience of coaching yet, maybe I’ll get into that at some point,” he relates.
For aspiring football players, Mark advises them to build their confidence first and foremost. “Keep watching football, keep practicing, and keep fit. If you’re fit, confidence comes in.
You need to have confidence to be what to want to be. Without confidence, you won’t improve. Idolize someone like Ronaldo or the Younghusbands. If you want to be like them, follow what they say. Listen to your coaches. Everyone wants to be their idol. You may follow the path that they did, but it is always better to do your own path,” he ends.

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Article from
Philippine Sports Commission,
 De La Salle University- Office of Sports Development,
Lawrence Cua, Leonard Sy,
Sharon Trinidad of Elite Model Management Manila

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Marc Jacobs' Spring Summer 2012 Collection STOLEN!!

Crime of Fashion!!!!


It was November 17, when Marc Jacobs' Spring-Summer 2012 collection was stolen, on its way to its press day from Paris to London!!

Contrary to the earlier press release that the entire collection was stolen, only a select few duplicates went missing and majority of the original pieces are still in New York - According to a spokesperson.

So who do you think is the culprit in this crime of fashion!! One thing's for sure, that someone must have so much passion for fashion to do that crime!!!



River Viiperi + Versace for H&M

I know most of you have seen this... but I still would like to share to those who haven't!!

River Viiperi is one of my male favorite models!!! And you will see why in these pictures.

Last month, pictures of some of the pieces for the Versace for H&M (which is now btw already available in H&M Stores worldwide) came out....

...and River is scorching hot!
That jacket is pure royalty!!!
All pink suit!! And I love those shoes!!

I want that studded jacket!!!
photos from

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iStyled: Marc Nelson for Manila Bulletin (Nov 16, 2011)

Man of the world

Styled by JP Diche (Asst Stylist PIERRE PERALTA)
Location HIS HOUSE!!!
November 16, 2011

MANILA, Philippines — Marc Nelson has the whole wide world to thank for what is probably the best education he got.
Since he was a little boy, this TV host/model has been globe trotting — experiencing cultures, meeting different people, and learning from them. From Mauritius to Egypt, from Estonia to Brazil, and so many more places, the world was indeed Marc’s classroom.
“Traveling broadens your mind. It gives you refreshing perspectives, with more than enough life lessons to boot,” says the Australia-born hunk, who is part English, Burmese, and Chinese. With a keen interest in world cultures, it is no surprise that Marc graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Social Anthropology.
But after living in countries as diverse as Tanzania, Kenya, Hong Kong and Canada, as well as in his native Australia, Marc found himself most at home in the Philippines. It is here where he found his true calling.

Marc was a mere backpacking tourist when he arrived in the country a few years back. Two female models befriended him and helped him snag his first modeling gig. It also helped that Marc could easily pass off as a Filipino. Before he knew it, he was already working the catwalk, teaching a step or two in a TV dance show, and doing commercials and product endorsements in between. To think modeling is something he never even considered doing!
“I’ve never had a plan. I know I needed to go to a university and get a degree, but I had no idea what I wanted to do. My parents have been very understanding.
They instilled a certain wanderlust in me that inspired me to keep on traveling. When I graduated from the university, I bought a one-way ticket and went backpacking around the world,” he relates.
Yet Marc knew he had to get a real job. He worked as a bartender, a concierge, and a newspaper boy. He stacked shelves in a grocery, sold audio-video equipment, and managed a café and restaurant. He also coached children’s gymnastics, tutored English to Bulgarians, and ran an office at a Silicon Valleybased company. “You name it, I’ve probably done it,” describes Marc of his almost nomadic existence.
Early on, the discipline and work ethic had been instilled in Marc. “I learned the value of money and the value of hard work from a very young age and it really helped me. It got me very grounded, and I wouldn’t have it any other way,” he says.
That same discipline, he also applies in keeping himself fit. “One of my drives now is to get Filipinos to be fit and healthy, to go out there and exercise, and to eat healthy.
It scares me that Filipinos are in danger of becoming like the American population where so many people are obese because they’re just going for junk food all the time. But I’m as guilty. I don’t have a sweet tooth but I like crunchy things. Recently I was introduced to a local brand called Soyami which is soya chips.
They’re actually healthy and high in protein, low in sodium, low fat, and they taste good. If you got to snack then don’t buy the crap. You can still enjoy the food and be healthy,” he explains.

Marc’s long-running sports/adventure program “Sports Unlimited” on ABS-CBN, has been an avenue for this hunk not only to display his good looks and perfect physique, but also his athleticism and wit. He eventually became more popular in other countries after he and best buddy, Rovilson Fernandez, represented Team Philippines in The Amazing Race Asia 2 and finished among the top three.
Nowadays, Marc is more concentrated on hosting here and abroad. He has also managed to use his celebrity to support several causes, which has endeared him even more to Filipinos. Among these is World Vision were he sends 11 children through school at present. Every December, he adds two children to support.
Charity work is something that Marc got into quite young. “When I was still in school, I started a program to get some of the kids doing charity drives, try and help fund projects in communities, like giving books to kids and getting clean water. I guess that opened up the charitable aspect of me early on,” he recalls.
Also known to be a staunch environmentalist, Marc was named World Wide Fund (WWF) for Nature National Ambassador. But even before his involvement with WWF, Marc has already been doing his own share in environmental conservation and promotion.
“As I travel around the country I see how rich this country is in natural resources and in tourism opportunities.
But I also see how poor the people are and how education can do wonders, not only education for the youth, but also environmental education for the communities to help them realize how they can protect the natural environment and actually make money from protecting the environment,” he shares.

In between all these, Marc still manages to squeeze in some R&R by cooking for friends, hitting the gym, watching movies, and reading.
A certified book lover, he joins the roster of celebrities supporting the National Book Development Board’s (NBDB) Get Caught Reading campaign. He swears that in spite of his being an outdoorsy and sporty person, he always makes time for reading — from Terry Pratchett to Wilbur Smith to Jeffrey Archer. He has a whole library of books at his house.
“I read all kinds of books. I read anywhere in the house, on that chair there in the living room, upstairs
in my room. When I travel I always have a book with me. I spent most of my life in places where there’s no TV, especially in Africa. Reading is a great way of escaping, and to learn so much about,” says Marc, who has also participated in a few book readings to kids for Kythe Foundation, Hands On Manila, and to different schools in Metro Manila.
A self-confessed techie, Marc’s latest obsession is downloading books to his iPhone and iPad, even communicating to fans via his Twitter (QuickOffTheMarc).
“Going around, seeing how much people appreciate you trying to help them out. It’s more gratifying than doing showbiz work really. I like that feeling and sharing that feeling to people. This country has been so good to me. It gave me the best job and the greatest friends.
And the charity work that I do is just my own little way of thanking the Philippines for all of the blessings that have been given to me,” Marc says, as he flashes that smile that has sent many a girl’s hearts a-fluttering.

Recently, WWF-Philippines launched the “My 1 Thing” campaign, which seeks to inspire people to commit to one thing for the environment, no matter how small, that will lessen their carbon footprint, fight climate change, and ultimately, preserve the environment.
“People think, I got to do everything. I got to take the bike, not to use plastic bags when I go shopping. I need to turn off the lights, conserve water, all these things it can be system overload. So just commit to one thing,” he says. “Since I’ve been committed to a lot of things already, I even tried to make my house as green as possible, my new thing is to commit to getting a recycling project in the village where I live.”
As WWF ambassador, Marc has been tasked to go to different schools and teach about the environment, how to protect different communities, and all the different animals, especially.
“We try and educate the kids about the dugong, whale sharks, and turtles, among others. I’m so amazed at how quickly the kids just pick up on things. We want these kids to teach their communities as well because sometimes adults can be a little bit stubborn. But if they’re getting it from their kids, hopefully they’ll be a little bit more susceptible to learning. We teach the kids and they can teach the adults,” explains Marc.
Article from
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Special thanks to Jaser Marasigan of Students and Campuses
and, Mr. Kane Choa (ABS-CBN)

BTS: Marc Nelson Feature on Manila Bulletin

What is Marc's favorite animal???
It was last month when we did the photo shoot for probably the most eligible bachelor in town, Marc Nelson. What got us all excited is, it was done at a very special location - his house!! Marc was kind enough to let us inside his newly renovated house, and if I'm not mistaken we are the first local media to enter and do a shoot inside his residence. 

Here are some photos of Marc and us during the shoot!
That's RHINA, our make up artistl!
Marc let us inside his fabulous walk-in closet! So we were given time to choose pieces among his extensive and very organized wardrobe.

that's me in pink, and Pierre folding! and YES it takes 2 to fold those sleeves! LOL
Doing the 1st Layout! 
 Everything is a breeze, especially when your model is as good-looking as Marc!

Nope, that's not Albert Martinez!! That's Marc Nelson!!
Marc and his very comfortable sofa!!
If it ain't that obvious, Marc supports healthy living. He and his bestfriend Rovilson currently endorses this new chips made from Soy beans, called Soyami.
That's the centerpiece on his dining table!! The Terra Cotta Warriors!

Here's his Living Room!!
That lounge is right outside his recreation area!
Can you spot how many of his favorite animal are in this photo??
Marc said he never had a plan when he was younger. He's just out there exploring the world, learning a lot of things, until an opportunity came and everything got better!!
Marc loves to read!!! And in this pic you'll see his favorite animal again!!!

Here's a photo collection from his Amazing Race Asia stint.
Marc said it's a gift from his buddy Rovilson!
That's Marc on his bed!!! 
Marc being interviewed! 
it's nice to know that Marc also supports various charities. One of them is World Vision. He said he is currently sponsoring 11 kids to school.
Marc showed some of the letters he received from his scholars at World Vision 
And after you see this last picture, Im sure you'll be able to answer the question above!

That's Ohm!! One of Marc's friendly pet turtles...
 There are 3 things I learned about Marc that day!
* According to Marc, he only spends around 1/3 of the year in his house. 2/3 of which means he is outside the country travelling either for work or leisure. That is why he allowed one of his friends to stay/lodge in his house, just so someone could look over it when he's not around.
*  One of his pet peeves is "trash" (esp Cigarette Butts). Marc said he can't stand the sight of cigarette butts (or bottles) around the shores of his favorite beaches. 
* He loves animals, especially Turtles!! Contrary to what most people think, Turtles are fast swimmers, and they are cool and calm animals, according to Marc..

After meeting Marc, I can say that he is not your typical good-looking guy! No wonder some of my girlfriends are envious every time I tell them that I've met Marc and have been to his house. There is definitely more to Marc than what we see on TV!!

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Anne Curtis for Folded and Hung ♥ Eric de los Santos (Holiday 2011)

"Fabulous at its finest!!"
Folded and Hung ♥ Eric de los Santos + Anne Curtis 

Folded and Hung will not be left out when it comes to trendy, fashionable, stylish yet affordable clothing! Now add a talented Filipino designer renowned for his ability to create fashionable yet wearable pieces, and a gorgeous endorser considered to be the country's top endorser- What more can you ask for? That's fashion orgasm, that's fabulous at its finest!

I went to Folded and Hung (MoA) earlier to pullout clothes for an upcoming shoot, and I saw some of the pieces from this collection. All I can say is, I love it! I love the colors, I love the jumpsuits, and I love the material!!

You guys (i mean girls) should go out and get a piece of this collection! Holiday 2011 will never be festive if you won't be wearing a piece of this!!

Here are some of the pieces from the collection as modeled by my favorite, Anne Curtis!!!

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Victoria's Secret Hot Mommas!!!

If all the mothers are like these women, then it will be chaos for men!!
Hot momma's are taking over the Victoria's Secret Runway!! And I love it!!!

Last night was the night for the annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show... Guess who wore the coveted 2.5 Million Lingerie??

Miranda Kerr wore the diamond studded lingerie!
Yes, it's Miranda Kerr. She wore the dazzling diamond encrusted lingerie!

What's more stunning is that she just gave birth earlier this year!!
She's not the only mother in the bunch! Two of the supermodels/ambassadors of Victoria's Secret also have babies!!

Adriana Lima

Alessandra Ambrosio
These women are good examples for women who struggle with their post-pregnancy weight. 
Models on the runway, and role models in real life!

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iStyled: Marian Rivera for Manila Bulletin (Nov 9, 2011)

There's Something About Marian

(Assistant Photographer CROMWELL TORIO)
Styled by JP DICHE
Special Participation of MARLON STOCKINGER (for Cal Carries)
Clothes from KARIMADON (Marian) 
Shot on Location at THE ICE CREAM BAR by FIC 
(Joya Tower, Joya Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati)

MANILA, Philippines — When Marian Rivera arrived at the shoot location, she was glowing with positive vibe. She warmly greeted everyone, and said she couldn't wait to splurge on her favorite ice cream after. It just made her feel like a kid again, she mused.
But Marian insisted she has matured a whole lot since being almost constantly embroiled in some sort of controversy the past few months.
“Dati mahirap tanggapin para sa akin na bakit hindi ako naiintindihan ng mga tao. Maraming mga intriga na hindi ko kinaya.
Hindi ko naman alam na ganito pala ang showbiz. Pero kahit maraming bumabatikos, ipinagpapatuloy ko ito kasi mahal ko ang trabaho ko at marami rin akong mga nakilala na nagmamahal sa akin,” she said.
You can’t please everyone – Marian knows this better than most. More than her stunning mestiza looks, the Filipina-Spanish actress is known for her feisty personality. Her being transparent is what gets her into trouble, she admitted.
Yet no matter what hardships come her way, Marian always manages to come out on top, and a better person.
“Kung ang ordinaryong tao nga may mga ganyang isyu, kahit sa office or sa school pa ‘yan. Nagkataon lang na nasa showbiz ako, nai-interview, nakikita ng mga tao, napapalabas sa TV. I’m very transparent. Alam ng mga fans ko kung sino talaga ako.”

Marian reveals that her family was against her getting into showbiz because they know her all too well.
“Ayaw nilang lahat. Kasi alam nila ‘yung personality ko na ganito ako. May mga pagkakataong nami-misinterpret ka. Pero dahil napagdaanan ko na ata lahat, ngayon kapag may naririnig akong hindi maganda, hindi na ako apektado kasi alam ko na kung paano i-handle,” she explained.
Her mother wanted her to become a nurse. “Gusto talaga ni mama na mag Nursing ako. Kasi may kakilala siya sa London kung saan pwede sana akong magtrabaho.
Sabi ko sa kanya hindi ko talaga kaya ang Nursing. Unang-una takot ako sa injection. Kapag may mga naaaksidente madali akong mag-panic. Kaya Psychology ang kinuha ko,” related Marian, who hopes to go back again to school one day and take up either a culinary or a baking course.
“Bago ako pumasok sa showbiz, hindi pwedeng hindi ako nakatapos ng pag-aaral. Lahat pwede ko raw gawin kapag nakatapos na ako. Siyempre bilang artista, mas maganda na meron kang ibang maipagmamalaki. Nag-artista ako pero graduate ako ng college,” she continued.
Since shooting to superstardom not a long time ago (her breakout role came in 2007 when she played the title role in the Philippine remake of Mari-Mar), Marian continues to be blessed and she’s more than grateful.
“Hindi ako naniniwala na sinwerte lang ako. Hindi ako naniniwala sa pagkakataon. Naniniwala ako na kung sa’yo, sa’yo.
Kapag pinaghirapan mo ang isang bagay, hindi ito mawawala. Naniniwala din ako na kung ano man ang nakuha ko ngayon, sobrang pinaghirapan ko siya. Parang naging mabilis lahat sa akin, nakita ako sa commercial, pinasok ko ang pag-aartista, pero ang hindi nila alam, marami akong pinagdaanan bago ako naging Mari- Mar at bago ko na-achieve ang lahat ng ito,” she said.



Marian has gone on to play many roles that showed different sides of her, from a superhero in “Darna” to a mysterious woman in “Ang Babaeng Hinugot Sa Aking Tadyang”, and a number of comedic roles on TV and movies. Now she can be seen playing the title role in “Amaya” on GMA, which continues to be a top-rater on primetime.
Since it is loosely based on early Philippine history, the show has been recommended by some teachers as a nightly viewing habit for the students.
“First time na nagkaroon ng soap about history. Parang naging educational show na siya kasi nirerequire din siya sa mga schools na panoorin. Masarap sa pakiramdam na nakatulong ka sa mga bata, lalo na sa education nila, may natutunan sila,” Marian said, adding that the cast and crew make sure to produce each episode as realistically as possible.
At the same time, Marian has learned a lot from doing the show.
“May mga natututunan akong mga ancient Tagalog words. May mga UP historians kami na kasama sa set para maki-sang-ayon o makapagbigay ng kaalaman tungkol sa mga nangyari noong araw.
May one-onone kami ng director ko at ipinapaliwanang niya ‘yung mga research nila. Kaya kahit ako marami rin akong natutunan,” said Marian, who, apart from “Amaya,” is also busy wrapping up work for the Metro Manila Film Festival entry “Ang Panday 2.”


Before pursuing an acting career, Marian worked at the National Mental Hospital after earning a degree in B.S. Psychology at the De La Salle University- Dasmariñas. She was assigned to attend to kids with depression.
“May isa akong pasyente, na-depress siya kasi hindi siya kayang pag-aralin ng parents niya. Naapektuhan man ako ng problema niya, pero hindi ko pwedeng ipakita. Kinakain niya ang buhok niya. Kaya kung mapapansin mo lahat sa mental hospital maikli lahat ng buhok, babae at lalaki,” she recalled.
Amid the fame and popularity, Marian continues to involve herself in anything that feeds her soul. So aside from helping out long-time boyfriend Dingdong Dantes with his education advocacy through Yes Pinoy Foundation, Marian is now a volunteer for the Philippine Red Cross.
She is currently promoting its Million Volunteer Run program, which will be held simultaneously in Manila and other key cities and municipalities of the country on Dec. 4.
Aside from the fun run, Marian promises to actively support other Red Cross missions, including visiting disaster areas and penitentiaries.

Marian says she is at her happiest when she is surrounded by family and knowing that she is making people happy through the work that she does.
“Kahit maraming intriga at maraming bumabatikos, mahal ko ang trabaho ko. Ipinagpatuloy ko ito kasi marami rin akong mga nakilala na nagmamahal sa akin.
Kahit na maraming trabaho, kapag mahal mo talaga ang ginagawa mo, walang pagod. Marami pa akong pangarap sa buhay, ‘yun ang nagbibigay ng inspirasyon sa akin. Dahil sa trabaho na meron ako, nae-enjoy ng pamilya ko kung ano ang meron ako ngayon,” she ended, flashing that signature smile that has endeared her to many people.

Article from
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Special Thanks to Yolanda Celdran, Marden Encarguez, Raffy Viernes (KARIMADON), Alan Vianzon (Folded and Hung), and Allan Acosta (CalCarries)

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Bench and Georgina Wilson on America's Next Top Model All Stars

Yes!! That's confirmed!!

Georgina Wilson (herself) tweeted it first this afternoon, and Bench confirmed it. Saying that the airing of the America's Next Top Model All Stars Episode will be on Monday November 14, 2011 on ETC.

According to Georgina, the episode was shot in Greece, and she served as a model/stylist who explained to the girls how the shoot will be. The All Stars had to wear Bench Body underwear for a shoot. 

Georgina said she "had to turn up the attitude when one girl didn’t want to model in her skivvies, claiming to be conservative." Let me guess, it's Shannon!!

Here's a teaser photo (from of the shoot in Greece with Lisa of the All Stars doing her thing!!

I'm excited to see this one!!
Congrats to Georgina Wilson...and of course to Bench!!
Now another Pinoy Brand makes it to the show!!!