Sunday, October 23, 2011

Jak En Poy Interior Design Exhibit is Fabulousy (PSID)

Actually, fabulous is an understatement!

So last week we had a photo shoot with Claire Eunabia (she's the Half Pinay finalist from Americas Next Top Model Cycle 10). I'll talk about her later. For now I want to focus more on our location. Philippine School of Interior Design's current Exhibit called "Jak En Poy - Bato, Gunting, Papel, Atbp."

It is currently running and open to public until the end of October, located at the Former SuperSale Club at SM City North EDSA. 

My jaw dropped the moment I came in and started viewing each booth. That's 20 different booths, so that is more than 20 minutes of fierce and haute "Wows!" and "Whoaa!" (lol). What's more surprising is that these designs are actually made by graduating students (Advanced Class of 2011) of PSID.

20 Booths who each used one major construction material (Metal, Wood, Clay, Glass, etc) as the key inspiration for their designs. When I walked in, I asked myself why "Jak En Poy"? And then I realized, some these materials were also used by me and my friends when we were kids. We used to have fun playing with clays, and holens, and bamboo sticks. And yeah, they are sustainable materials and they can last through years and years. 

It was fun and inspiring seeing the "Jak En Poy- Bato, Gunting, Papel, atbp." Exhibit. And it is definitely comforting to know that we have such a very creative pool of young talents who will soon take over Manila's interior design scene!!!

Here are pictures of my favorite booths in the exhibit..
(photos courtesy of PSID)
Looking Glass 

Tangible Dream

Le Boudoir Rose

Glamorous and Green

De Hierro Pavo Real
Paper View
 You can still catch the exhibit!! It's their last week!!!


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