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I Styled: Paulo Avelino for Manila Bulletin 07/27/2011

Mr. Cool

July 27, 2011

MANILA, Philippines — There are no smal l roles, only small actors. A simple statement, but the above saying is a very astute advice that young actor Paulo Avelino always takes to heart.

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Never mind if he is not always in the limelight, or is always the leading  man. This early, Paulo recognizes that it is how the industry works. “I’m not choosy with roles. I always seek for something new and different in the characters and roles I portray. When it’s new, it’s exciting.
And you tend to do another sketch for your character, to create another character, which is challenging,” explains Paulo.
Besides, the 23-year old actor prefers it that way. “Gusto ko steady lang, cool lang. Hindi naman ako naiinip. Nabibigyan naman ng  chance and breaks. But I also know hindi pa rin naman ako ganun kagaling. I still have to prove my worth. So for now, I just enjoy what I do,” he says.

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“In every project that I do, I learn something new. In turn, it hones my talent and skill as an actor, with the hope that eventually, all my efforts will pay off,” Paulo continues, who names Johnny Depp, Edward Norton, Sean Penn, and Meryl Streep as his idols.

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“This (acting) is not my childhood dream. I wanted to be an entrepreneur. It is easier to be your own boss. When Starstruck ended, I wasn’t that serious with acting yet. But eventually, I started to like it  and love what I do. Doon na ako nagpursigeng mag-aral, I enrolled in workshops to improve my craft,”  he reveals.

Paulo, who was born and raised in Baguio, says that it wasn’t really much the lack of privacy or the intrigues that he had difficulty dealing with when he entered showbiz. “The toughest challenge was dealing with the homesickness.”
Paulo attributes to his upbringing his courage to confront l i fe’ s challenges head-on.
“Noong bata pa lang kaming magkakapatid, we’ve been trained by our parents to be independent.
They asked us to do simple house chores. They keep on explaining things na hindi ko pa maintindihan as a young boy. Now, I realized I was raised well by my parents,” he adds.
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Although he has yet to finish college, Paulo says that the most important lessons in life, he learned outside of the classroom.
“Being independent changed my life. I definitely matured as a person. I learned a lot of things that I don’t think I will learn in school. I’ve learned to control, to budget, do my own grocery, to cook. I’ve learned to be responsible,” he shares.
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“It (finishing school) is one of my ultimate goals in life. But everytime I plan to go back to school, biglang may nagbubukas na opportunity. Mas napipili ko ‘yung opportunity kasi sayang naman, it might not come again. Showbiz is unpredictable.
Hindi mo alam kung kailan ka mawawala. I just make the best out of the time that I have left,” he ends.
Photos by Jerico Montemayor 
Assisted by Cromwell Torio
Styled by Jp Diche
Grooming by Rhina Montemayor 
Hair by Dave Grona
Clothes and Accessories from Bench

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Xian Lim is HOT!! (Denim by Mint Fall 2011 Campaign)

This guy here should be big!!
Xian Lim (I think) is the hottest guy on television (after Piolo) these days!! And it sucks that he's not given good projects as an actor! Given the right projects and good PR, Xian will definitely shoot to stardom!!

Xian the Model, on the other hand, is rockin!! He recently signed as the new endorser of Mint (Denim). Last month, the ad campaign for Denim by Mint Fall 2011 was released featuring hot hot photos of Xian Lim!!!

Enjoy!!! Hottest photo on top!!

Photos from Mint Facebook Page

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Ads We May Never Get To See On Billboards (Hot)

I still can't get over the fact that MMDA already started riding in with the issue of sexy billboards in EDSA! 

Yes you read it right!!

The MMDA have started removing sexy billboards in EDSA. If you'll get to pass by Guadalupe, all you'll see are 6 billboards of Bench with clouds and blue sky, no more men in undies!!!!

and since it's sad that we will no longer see hot bodies along EDSA, I've thought of sharing some sexy pictures that could have been a very good billboard material!!!

Mostly from Bench and one from Mint!

Ali Borromeo of Phil Azkals for Bench Body

David Chua for Bench
Mark McMahon of Phil Azkals for Bench Body
Paulo Avelino for Bench Body
and to be fair with the straight boys, here's Barbra Barretto for Bench Body!

and for the last pic, I'm not sure if they also removed (or will remove it if ever)...
but I think it's so dangerously hot!!

Xian Lim for Mint!!!

Photos from Bench and Mint

f&h (Folded and Hung/ Wade/ Jellybean) and Care Divas

Fashion and Art 


One of the country's leading RTW Brands, Folded and Hung- sponsored the country's latest stage musical phenomenon, Care Divas, last Saturday (July 23'11) at PETA Theater in Quezon City. 

It was a strictly invitational event and I was lucky enough to get an invite! Spotted are some of entertainment and fashion industries' notable names-  Sari Yap (Mega), Liz Uy, Daryl Chang, Raymond Gutierrez (Preview), Carlos Concepcion, Mylene Dizon, and Top Models Patty Betita and Marina Benipayo to name a few! Also present in the event is Folded and Hung's top endorser Sam Milby!

About Care Divas....

I've been hearing so many good reviews about the newest locally produced stage musical called Care Divas. It was about 5 gay care givers in Israel who struggles to adapt, survive, and stay true to what they are. True enough, it was a fun stage musical! With all the punch lines and the funny "one-liners" and side comment dialogues! It was funny, yet you will be taken away by the serious acting of the cast during the dramatic moments. 

Music and Lyrics by Vince De Jesus, Script by Liza Magtoto, Choreography by Carlon Matobato, and directed by PETA  Artistic Director Maribel Legarda.

All in all Care Divas delivered!! I hope to hear more staging of this musical in the coming months!

Cirque Du Soleil's Varekai Is An Experience!

Magical and Fantastic!!

Last Friday (July 22, 2011) became a memorable date for me, since this is the day I first saw a theatrical circus act. What made it more special is it's not just your ordinary circus act. It is with the world's best theatrical circus production, Cirque Du Soleil's "Varekai" in Manila.

Watching Varekai wasn't really part of my plans, since I've been saving money for an upcoming trip. Although deep inside I want to see Cirque Du Soleil's act live. So since, I wasn't able to watch Kylie's concert, I decided to give in to Varekai (for redemption). And so my boyfriend bought the tickets for me and I should be paying it anytime soon. 

Our tickets cost Php3800... the tickets are cheaper on weekday shows
According to him this is the first time and probably the last time Cirqu Du Soleil's Varekai will be staged here. Also, according to his mom (who lives in New Jersey), the tickets are already cheap compared to the ticket prices if we'll watch it abroad. Thanks to him, I wouldn't have had the experience if he didn't insist.
I was so amazed, I decided to buy this souvenir catalogue
The show was above amazing! As I've said this is the first time I saw a circus act, and this is not your ordinary circus, it has an art value. The costumes are detailed and very colorful, the stage is intricately designed, the songs are nice, and the performers are hands down, the best! 

Here are my Top 3 Favorite acts of the show!

My favorite act! The Triple Trapeze
The Triple Trapeze act is magical, accompanied by a great song (Kero Hireyo), the girls were so amazing. They made it look like their stunts were so easy. They were so synchronized and graceful!

Another favorite! The Aerial Straps!

The Russian Swing! These guys' costumes are fire! Jumping and being thrown out in the air using a giant swing,  these guys are emulating that of an erupting volcano!
These guys are just perfect! Watching them made me so motivated to workout!! Those arms, those abs, those pecs and legs!

Watching Cirque Du Soleil's "Varekai" made me feel like I'm in a different world. You'll surely forget everything! It's like you left reality outside the Grand Chapiteau entrance!

And so for those who weren't able to watch... here are 2 of my favorite acts! 

Cirque Du Soleil's Photos here

RIP Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse, at 27 found dead on Saturday July 23,2011 at her London Apartment
It's just sad to see an authentic talent gone!
Whatever the cause of death is, this serves as a reminder for everyone
to love life!

Rest In Peace
Amy Winehouse

You are now on your journey to eternal rehab!

and with that here's my fave Amy Winehouse song! :(

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I Styled: Nico Salva and Anjo Caram Feature on Manila Bulletin 07132011

Game time!

Article by Jaser Marasigan

MANILA, Philippines — Basketball hot shots Ateneo Blue Eagle Nico Salva and San Beda Red Lion Anjo Caram are all set to defend their championship crowns.

The Blue Eagle soars
Ateneo Blue Eagles power forward Nicolas Raymond “Nico” Salva wasn’t really into basketball until his father convinced him to join a basketball training camp when he was four years old. Nico was born to parents who were former University of the Philippines varsity players.
That training eventually developed in him the interest for the sport. He started out with the varsity team of La Salle Greenhills and moved to the San Beda Red Cubs in junior high school. It goes without saying that there, he emerged as the team’s star player.
“In a way, my father brainwashed me,” Nico says. “When I was a kid he would always tell me that when someone asks what I want to be when I grow up, my answer should be, to be a basketball player.”
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What goes through your mind during games?
I just try to block out everything that’s happening outside of the court. Hindi ko na napapansin even what goes around the arena, kung ano ‘yung mga sinisigaw ng mga tao. I try to focus on the game. Especially now, being three-peat champions, there’s definitely pressure that we have to win this year. But as much as possible I just take it one game at a time.
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Is there a player from your fiercest rival that you admire?
LA Revilla from De La Salle. He’s my best friend, my high school teammate in San Beda. He started playing three years ago until he was diagnosed with diabetes so he wasn’t able to play for two years. Now he’s back. I admire him for his perseverance to get back on track and play again.

What do you consider your biggest achievement so far? 
My biggest achievements are the dean’s list, the three-peat championship, and my PCCL (Philippine Collegiate Champions League) MVP award.

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What is the worst stereotype that you’ve heard about student-athletes? 
That they are lazy, that they don’t go to class, and that they’re stupid. It can’t be avoided so I just try to prove them wrong. Nung second year college ako nag dean’s list ako ng second semester. That’s a way of showing them that I’m not that stereotype student-athlete.

What does it take to be the best basketball player?
You just have to be really committed. You have to be ready to make lots of sacrifices as well. You need to have that drive and that hunger to be the best that you can be.

What’s the best thing about being a Blue Eagle? 
Our team is like a family. We really love being with each other. We enjoy each other’s company. We’re a family on and off the court.

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The Red Lion roars
Antonio Jose "Anjo" Caram never expected to enter collegiate basketball because of his height.
But he slowly gained confidence as a point guard for the San Beda Red Lions in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). With his quickness and ball handling skills, coupled with hard work, the 5’7’’ Anjo has definitely made his mark in the Red Lion's den.
The Iloilo native was discovered by former PBA player Bong Ravena. The scouting staff of San Beda went all the way to Saint Joseph School in Iloilo City to see how he plays.
“I really want to play for a school here in Manila. It has been my dream since I was a kid. My mother and father were former varsity players at their schools in Iloilo so it’s probably in the genes. I started playing around seven years old until I became part of the varsity team when I was in grade 4,” Anjo relates.
After every team practice, Anjo makes sure to spend extra minutes on the court to practice some more on his own, shooting from different angles. Outside of basketball, he mostly spends his time hanging out with his teammates and focusing on his studies.

In playing basketball, which is more important, the physical built or basketball skills?
There’s really an advantage if you are tall because basketball is really about the height. Pero kung maliit ka, you still have an advantage in terms of speed. You can move faster and quicker. Pero wala naman talaga sa height ‘yan. What’s important are your guts and passion for the sport.
read full article here

How has basketball changed your life? Basketball is my life. I’ve been playing since I was a kid. I don’t see myself doing anything else. I learned discipline early on because of basketball.
What is the worst stereotype that you’ve heard about student-athletes? That we take our studies for granted. That’s not true.
What if you don’t succeed in basketball? You need to have a stable career and education is important to back you up.

What do you consider your biggest achievement so far? My biggest achievement would have to be bringing pride to San Beda. You make your fellow Bedans happy, you make the community happy. I also made my parents happy and proud. ‘Yun ang pinakamasarap.
What does it take to be the best basketball player? There are ups and downs in basketball, just don’t give up. It is important to have self-discipline and to work hard every single day. You have to be optimistic all the time. ‘Yun din ang advice ng parents ko sa akin.
What’s the best thing about being a Red Lion? Everybody here supports each other in whatever endeavor, either in academics or in sports. There’s brotherhood. You get support from the whole Bedan community and you get recognized for your hard work. Kaya masarap maging Bedista.
read full article here
Photos by Reydian Tianero

Styled by James Patrick Diche (Nico)

and Angelo Garcia (Anjo)

Grooming by JC Cantos

Clothes and Accessories from Folded and Hung

Visit Students and Campuses Facebook Page here

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for Burberry Body Fragrance

Here's a peek at Burberry's new and upcoming fragrance called "Burberry Body" where Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (Victoria's Secret, Transformers 3) sensually poses wearing nothing but a trademark Burberry Trench Coat! Photographed by Mario Testino, the said fragrance will debut worldwide in September!

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Joe Manganiello for GQ

Hottest werewolf in town!!
Photographer: Carter Smith
Joe Manganiello (True Blood)
GQ Magazine Editorial

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