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iStyled: Maria Aragon Feature On Manila Bulletin

Born Superstar

(Assisted by CROMWELL TORIO)
Styled by JP DICHE
Clothes and Accessories from
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MANILA, Philippines — When 11-year-old Mar ia Aragon uploaded a video of herself on You- Tube singing Lady Gaga’s hit song
“Born This Way,” she had not a bit of an idea of the possibilities that her posting could lead to.
Besides, Maria says, she is just a girl who likes to sing -- until the Mother Monster herself tweeted her praise for the kid’s cover of her track: “Can't stop crying watching this. This is why I make music. She is the future…”
Within a week of Lady Gaga’s anointment, the YouTube video views shot to 25 million hits. It now has over 40 million views.
“It was all crazy and everything happened really fast. Sometimes when I look back, I question myself, did I really meet her. It was so surreal,” says Maria, who performed the song “Born this Way” on stage with Lady Gaga at her concert in Toronto, Canada.
“I was nervous backstage because I can’t believe that it was happening.
Before the show, I just prayed with my whole family, and when I went onstage, I wasn’t nervous anymore. I just felt I wanted to perform and give my best,” she continues to relive the moment.
Lady Gaga was so nice, Maria gushes. “You’d think that she’s kinda weird sometimes because of the way she dresses and performs but she’s really, really nice. I guess that’s her way of being unique,” she says.
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“Music has been a part of my whole life. When I was still a baby, my dad had a karaoke machine, almost every night he would turn it on and sing to me. I guess that’s how I was influenced to sing. He first taught me ‘Maybe’ by King. That was the first song that I ever really learned. I was five years old,” shares the youngest of four children of Veni and Menchie Aragon. They were living in Ormoc City before migrating to Winnipeg, Canada in 1997. 

Maria seems to be a piano virtuoso but amazingly, she learned to play the instrument on her own. “I was inspired by my brother JV because he was self-taught. The first video that I uploaded that I played piano by ear on was ‘Price Tag’ by Jessie J,” says Maria, who names Gary Valenciano, Sarah Geronimo, Beyonce and Michael Jackson among her favorite artists. 

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“I always think that something bigger is going to happen. It is really my dream to be a singer. I want to know how it felt to be a singer but I didn’t expect I’d ever get here. But I know I still have a lot to improve on, and I know that there are a lot of things that I could do better.”

“It’s been crazy but it’s been really fun,” she enthuses. “Most of my fans are Filipinos and they have been amazing! The Filipino fans are very loud and supportive. I can’t really go to a store now without people recognizing me,” adds the YouTube sensation currently in the country with her family for a vacation as well as for some showbiz commitments.

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Although born in Canada, Maria knows that being Filipino is a huge part of who she is. “At home in Canada, we are a Filipino family, we eat Filipino food, sinigang na baboy, and manok of any kind of dish are my favorites. We always ‘mano’ to our elders. We always watch Filipino teleserye. My favorite is ‘Mara Clara’,” reveals Maria, who also aspires of becoming an actress given the opportunity.

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In spite of her accomplishments at such a young age, Maria keeps a good head on her shoulders. She insists that school is still her priority over everything.
“It’s fun being the youngest, to have older siblings, because when you have a hard time on something, they can give you advice. I also ask help from them for my assignments,” says the incoming Grade 6 student at the Isaac Brock School in Winnipeg.
Recently, she was named the young ambassador for ANCOP (Answering the Cry of the Poor), where she helps organize fund raising events to provide scholarships to Filipino street kids.
“I want to make a change and hopefully, I influence other people to make a change too,” she says.

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Aware that she is considered a role model, she advises kids like her to always have fun. “That’s the first thing that you have to focus on, because you’re still a kid. I’m scared that when I grow up, I won’t have fun anymore. People think this is a job, but singing has been a big dream.
I hope to do this for a long time because everything has been a really big blessing. So never forget to have fun, and always be yourself. Make sure that you love whatever you’re doing because when you don’t love it, you’re not in the right place,” she ends.
                * * *

And as a treat!
Here's a video of Maria Aragon playing Born This Way during the photo shoot!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Love Magazine September 2011 Issue Rocks!!!

If  there's one magazine who stole my heart just by the cover/s alone, it has got to be LOVE!!

LOVE is a twice-yearly compendium of inspiration- for designers, artist, and anyone looking for visual idea. 
And staying true to their description, LOVE definitely will serve its avid followers and readers some more loving come September.

On their Issue #6, they will showcase 8 different covers for their Supernatural Issue.
The First 3 covers, featuring Elle Fanning / Hailee Steinfeld/ and Chloe Moretz, are already released and available for purchase. While the remaining 5 covers, featuring  Lara StoneNyasha MatonhodzeMariacarla BosconoKristen McMenamy and Daphne Groeneveld will be out 1st of September.

Photos were taken by non-other than world renowned photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott.

Here are the covers!
14-year old Hailee Steinfeld from True Grit and the face of MiuMiu
13-year old Elle Fanning/ the face of Marc Jacobs
14-year old Kick Ass Star Chloe Moretz
Who doesn't know Lara Stone?!

Italian Model, Maria Carla Boscono

Kristen McMenamy
16-year old Dutch Model Daphne Groeneveld
Nyasha Matonhodze

 So which cover is your favorite!! Mine is Elle and Maria Carla!!


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September Issue Pinoy Version: Metro Magazine Cover

If you can remember my post last week about Fashion Magazines' September Issues then by now you would have an idea of its relevance in Fashion, as to why September is very important. Most of the magazines featured there are international fashion magazines. 

It is nice to know that a local Filipino Magazine also published their September Issue in sync with the international magazines release date! 

That is Metro Magazine!! Proving that they are at par with the world's best Fashion Magazines!
They have released a two-cover edition with actor, John Lloyd Cruz and Vanja of IMG Models.

Here are the covers of Metro for September 2011...

I tried checking if other Pinoy Fashion Mags (like Preview, Mega, Sense and Style) already released, at least, a pic of their September 2011 Issue cover. But all other local magazines are yet to release a photo.

This is definitely a step ahead for Metro Magazine! Good job guys!

I'll be updating this post as soon as other fashion Pinoy magazines release their September 2011 Covers.

Photos from Fashion Media
Visit Metro Magazine's Facebook. Fan page here!

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Maria Aragon Feature On Manila Bulletin Out This Wednesday

PHOTOS here are unofficial! I'll be posting the pics on Wednesday afternoon!

Thursday (August 18, 2011), was supposed to be just another regular day for me. But luckily, it's not!
I was given the opportunity to style Filipina Youtube Sensation, Maria Lourdes Aragon.

Maria Aragon, as she is famously known, had no formal training in singing and playing the piano. It was all self-taught with some help from her older brother (JV) who plays the piano really well. Maria, shot to stardom when her version of "Born This Way" was retweeted by  Lady Gaga herself last February 2011. Immediately her name trended in Twitter Worldwide, and in less than 48 hours Maria is already allover the global news.

"It happened so fast!" according to Maria. In 24 hours their house was already surrounded by media and paparazzi. Things got a little O.O.C that they are forced to transfer to another house.
UNOFFICIAL PHOTO: Maria Aragon for a photo shoot I styled last Thursday!!
Clothes, Shoes, and Acessories from SM Departent Store
Everything has been good to Maria since then, she sang a duet with Lady Gaga during her Canadian Tour,  met Canada's Prime Minister and had him visit their home, and recently she sang for (and met) Prince William and Duchess Katherine during their Canadian visit.

And there is more surprises coming from Maria!! We're told that she modeled for Ralph Lauren's  Fall 2011 Collection and their campaign will be out very soon!!!

Maria is currently in the country to promote her first ever album! It is already out and available in Music Stores nationwide and also for download, so you guys get a copy!!

Maria's feature on Manila Bulletin (Students and Campuses) will be out on August 24, Wednesday this week!! I must say, I love the official pictures!! 

UNOFFICIAL PHOTO: Another layout! Maria Aragon Photo shoot! 

PS: I was also able to meet Maria's mom (Menchie) and her siblings (Rojuane, Linger, and JV) during the shoot. They were all very down to earth and friendly. Which made the shoot very easy! 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fashion Magazines: September Issue Cover for 2011

As said in the documentary film, The September Issue, September is the January in Fashion. 

In business, September marks the last stretch/quarter for the fiscal year- it means last chance to increase income- While; In fashion, September marks the beginning of another year, it determines the trends for the upcoming seasons.This is why Fashion Magazines give their best effort to produce the nicest content for their September Issues. 

Below are the September Issue Covers of the Top Fashion Magazines in America and allover the world.
I've ranked them from Top Cover (Being my most liked!)
My top choice! I mean c'mon it is Kate Moss!!
Not to be out shined by the Americans, French Vogue features Charlotte Casiraghi
W Magazine, showed a totally different looking Kristen Stewart!
Vogue Japan has Karolina Kurkova!

Elle Magazine taps Gwyneth Palthrow
Vanity Fair has Jennifer Lopez

SJP graces Marie Claire
and Harper's Bazaar! I dont know what they're thinking!

Friday, August 19, 2011

W Magazine September Issue is Kristen Stewart

Yes, this is Bella from Twilight!

My jaw dropped the first time I saw this.

Kristen Stewart covers W Magazine this September! And must I say it's F for Fierce! 

I think W Magazine did a great job on staying away from her notorious tomboyish look. Her editorial is just so glamorous! W Magazine is giving other Magazine's September Issue Cover a run for their money!

Photos by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, Styled by Edward Enninful. 60's inspired outfits from Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana and Junya Watanabe.

Enjoy the pics!!

source: Fashionista
Loves it!

Can't Get Enough Of The Azkals

Hot dogs indeed!!
Those abs!!

If you think Ali, Neil, and the Younghusband's are the hottest things that happened to The Philippine Football Team Azkals. Think again!

For the latest Ad of Health & Beyond, 4 more Azkal hotties showcased their lean and mean physique. Only this time these men are wearing shorts! (lol)  I think they are perfect for the job, who else would be? These Azkals are healthy and more!

Here are the pics! Enjoy!

Azkals' veteran player Anton Del Rosario

Azkals  Fil-English defender Rob Gier

Fil-Iranian Striker Misagh Bahadoran

Fil-Am Midfielder Nate Burket
Fil-English Midfielder Simon Greatwich


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

iStyled: Mikael Daez for Manila Bulletin 08/11/2011

New kid on the block

August 10, 2011, 3:27am
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Model: Mikael Daez (Temptation Island, Amaya)
Photos by Jerico Montemayor
(Asst photographer: Cromwell Torio)
Styled by Jp Diche
Grooming by Rhina Montemayor
Clothes and Accessories from PENSHOPPE

MANILA, Philippines — Every now and then, newbie actor Mikael Daez would find himself looking back at his biggest heartbreak, at times even imagining about what life could have been like.
That heartbreak wasn’t brought about by unrequited love or a jilted romantic proposition though. Mikael calls it his very own “basketball drama.’’
“I watch a UAAP basketball game then it suddently hits me, the what could have beens. I thought, I want that to be me, and I regret what I did,” says Mikael, who was part of the Ateneo basketball varsity team since grade 5, until he had to leave the Blue Eagles team in college. Mikael only has himself to blame.
“I really love the sport until now. But I was lazy. I didn’t like practice. I didn’t have the right attitude and mindset going into it, which is really unfortunate because I felt I could have been successful.
Naiwanan na ako ng iba. It was only later on in college, after I left the team, that I realized the value of hard work,” relates the six-foot-tall Mikael.
Today, he is able to apply those lessons from the past, as he works as an actor. “It hurts, but it feels good now. I’m glad that the learnings that I got from that, I’m able to apply to my work and my life now. Modeling and acting are crafts and in any craft, you have to continuously work on it and improve. Right now, I’m just trying to take in what I’ve learned from school, from modeling, and applying it here,” he continues.

Read Full Story HERE

Mikael never had a concrete plan after graduating with a Business Administration degree from the Ateneo de Manila University last year. Joining showbiz was the farthest thing from his mind as he always saw himself either as an investment banker or an entrepreneur.
“I liked Math as a kid, and it kinda liked me back. We have a very good relationship. Eventually, I want my own deli or a pizza parlor. I personally feel that obligation to take care of my younger brothers and sisters and to help out financially because we’re so many. That’s how we were raised, to help out the family in any way you can,” relates the 23-year-old Mikael, the second among eight siblings.
                                                                     Read Full Story HERE

After graduation, Mikael tried ramp modeling and stood out enough to be noticed by Mercator modeling agency. After a string of commercials, he was offered to try acting, but was initially reluctant. “I was never really into the industry. I was detached. First and foremost, I have zero acting background. Secondly, everybody warned me about everything, sex, drugs, rock and roll. My family warned me paulitulit.
They just want me to come out of this alive and well,” he adds.
                                                                  Read Full Story HERE

Mikael admits that everyday, he still has to deal with apprehensions about his new-found career. Even his family and friends have their own apprehensions. “Were they laughing the whole time? Yes. Are they still laughing now? Yes. Will they be laughing tomorrow?
Yes. My family and friends know it’s not my choice of career when I was younger. At the end of the day, teasing and jokes aside, I have complete faith in them that they are going to support me and help me throughout this.”
The most important thing, he says, is to possess the ability to overcome these apprehensions.
“It is such a big shift from where I saw myself before, so I tell myself this is my job. It is still a business.
                                                                    Read Full Story HERE

“Now that I’m in the business and meet all these people, I really see the discipline that they put to their work. It doesn’t matter what kind of education you have, as long as you have the discipline, the work ethic, the zest for life, and that passion for what you do, that’s inspiring.”
As for his advice to young people who are yet to decide about their future?
“Just stay true to yourself. If you can maintain that truth, then I guess, you could consider your life fulfilling. It’s hard to dictate to other people what you should or should not do. If you have a clear mind, you’ll always know,” he ends.
Article from

Model: Mikael Daez
Photos by Jerico Montemayor
(Asst photographer: Cromwell Torio)
Styled by Jp Diche
Grooming by Rhina Montemayor
Clothes and Accessories from PENSHOPPE

MORE Photos of Mikael Daez below!!

Thanks to Manila Bulletin (Students and Campuses Section), Jonas Gaffud of Mercator, and GMA Network.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

If You Think That's It, There's More!! Neil Etheridge for Folded and Hung Part 2

Good things come to those who wait!!

If you think that (Photo above) is the first and last photo of Neil for Folded and Hung
- then you're definitely wrong!!!!

* * *
Twitter went crazy over Neil Etheridge for Folded and Hung Feature on Phil Star this morning!!
(click here for the PhilStar Feature) 
Crazy in a good way! Upon checking, the feature has more photos of Neil Etheridge's Ad Campaign for Folded and Hung wearing their latest underwear collection!!

And YES! Neil Etheridge (for me) can be our very own David Beckham! (walang basagan ng trip!) I don't think I have to explain why. Just look at the photos and you'll know.

Here it is, added photos of Neil for (my number 1 clothing brand) Folded and Hung!!
I love this photo!!!
I would love to get a piece of that .... underwear!!! 

and this one (underwear) too!!
Those abs and legs are to die for!!!

This is a clearer version of the First Pic!!

Folded and Hung also posted the pictures on their Facebook Page!
And thanks Style Narratives (Luis Espiritu Jr.) for posting clear photos on his blog!


This is definitely a happy weekend!!!