Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Guilty Pleasure: True Blood and Teen Wolf

It's nice to see hot other-worldly creatures on TV!!!
I wouldn't want to call them my guilty pleasures but they would pass as one. I don't know if I've shared it before, but I do my corporate work on an EST (US) shift. That would mean the only thing I can do at daytime is sleep. The fact that I could squeeze in and watch either of these 2 shows in that critical time of day (before I sleep) makes it a guilty pleasure. 

It's almost the same as blogging. A week without a new post is unacceptable. I value sleeping. I think it is my way of respecting my body, letting it relax after a long day of moving and thinking makes sleeping so important. (I become a monster every time someone interrupts my slumber, so don't even try to wake me up!
But the thing is - my sleep wouldn't be as meaningful if I haven't seen at least a single episode of these 2 shows (I am currently addicted to) in a week. Let's just say a week without True Blood and Teen Wolf is a bloody boring week!!

Why do I love watching them?
Let me list down the reasons why I'm so hooked with these shows!


With Teen Wolf
Well yes, the plot is already in the title. I started watching Teen Wolf when a friend told me that the lead star played Jennifer's Lopez's son in one of her movies and that he is now a certified hot item (lol). True enough!
Tyler Posey- Remember the kid from Jennifer Lopez's movie "Maid In Manhattan"? 
I wonder  what J.lo thinks/feel if she sees hot Tyler Posey???
In Main In Manhattan, Tyler played an adorable stage-fright infested kid being raised alone by his mother (Jennifer Lopez) who works as a hotel maid.
Tyler Posey in Teen Wolf- Hot right?
 In Teen Wolf, he is a Lacrosse playing high school student, social outcast, and is being raised by his single mother, whose life turned 360 when he was bitten by a werewolf. Well yes the plot is common for a werewolf themed show. But the twists and supporting characters in the series makes it exciting to watch. Example? A girlfriend (Crystal Reed-Allison) whose father is a werewolf slayer, a hot werewolf mentor (Tyler Hoechlin- Derek Hale), a bestfriend (Dyllan O'Brien- Stiles) whose not afraid to help him in his adventures, an equally hot high school jock rival (Colton Haynes- Jackson), and an additional Alpha werewolf who until now is not being shown (I'm yet to reach that episode). The show consists of fresh faces (i think).

It is a pleasure to watch, aside from the fact you can see half naked Tyler Posey and other hot guys (most of the time), here you can see a teenage werewolf (with lesser body hair) on his quest to becoming the hottest werewolf in the Werewolfdom! I don't know about you guys, but I think Tyler Posey is giving Jacob (from Twilight) a run for his money. 

Here are some pics of the hot cast (i look forward to everytime i watch Teen Wolf)!
Tyler Hoechlin plays Derek Hale/ an equally hot and experienced werewolf
Colton Haynes- plays Jackson the High School Jock 
Tyler Posey as Scott McCall
Press Pic of Teen Wolf

As for True Blood!

True Blood became an instant favorite the minute I heard it's opening song (Bad Things) when I watched it's first episode a couple of years ago. It is now on it's 4th season and I heard that it is already confirmed to have  a 5th season. I'd say it is not your ordinary TV Series (since you have to wait for more than a year to catch the latest season) because it is the only show or series who was able to perfectly mix Vampires, Witches, Werewolves, Fairies, Demons, and Shape-shifters in one jam-packed weekly TV Series!

True Blood's main plot is about the co-existence of humans and vampires (and other supernatural and unknown entities). Main characters consist of Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin), a nice-smelling delicacy (for vampires) waitress who turned out to be a fairy, Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) who played a vampire saved by Sookie who eventually fell in love with her, and Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard) the evil vampire sheriff who eventually became obsessed with Sookie...

In the story there is a bottled drink made of synthetic blood available for vampires (it's called True Blood). Vampire Characters also has blood which, if taken by a human, can result to euphoria and ecstacy. 

What makes True Blood a must watch? The story may sound ordinary but it touches numerous social issues like drug addiction, corruption in the government, church issues, and so on. I also love the gay inflections in the story (especially the Godric/Eric scene). Not to mention the funny quips and lines on the script. The series contains multiple sub-plots- each character has it's own issue and story, which made True Blood all the more exciting! You'll seriously need to focus on each episode or else you'll miss a lot! I seriously recommend you watching it from the very first episode of Season 1 to understand what I'm saying.

True Blood (I think) pioneered nakedness on television (I'm not complaining)! You'll see naked guys and girls  in every episode. Sex and sexuality is everywhere (LOL). There are 3 guys in True Blood which I look forward to everytime I watch an episode..

Alexander Skarsgard- plays Erik Northman
Alexander is so cute in the especially latest season, I just think he's perfect for the role!!

Ryan Kwanten plays Jason Stackhouse- Sookies troubled brother
Ryan Kwanten served the most flesh, and most kinky scenes (as you can see in that picture). Watch out, his character has an interesting story as well.

Joe Manganiello- plays Alcide Herveaux the werewolf who also fell for Sookie
Joe's character first appeared in Season 3, where he played a werewolf who saved Sookie. I'm looking forward to more appearances from him. Oh and by the way, (for me) he holds the crown for the Hottest Werewolf  ever!


Watching Teen Wolf and True Blood is indeed a guilty pleasure because aside from the fact that it shortens my sleep time it also provides visual treat that invokes sinful thoughts! lol

Enough of this post, I might type in TMI!!!

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