Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lady Gaga Wears Kermit and Leeroy

It is now official!!!

A pinoy fashion designer has made it to the world of Lady Gaga!!

It is not really surprising that Kermit Tesoro was able to infiltrate the taste of Lady Gaga's style team. Kermit a young fashion designer from Manila has been dubbed as the local version of the late great Alexander McQueen. Having his creations, like that heel-less shoes, compared to Alexander McQueen's eccentric designs is a testament to Kermit's talent as a fashion designer.

The other day, Lady Gaga's head stylist, Nicola Formichetti, blogged the single cover of Lady Gaga's latest song "Marry The Night" and he acknowledged Kermit Tesoro and Leeroy New for the top that Lady Gaga was wearing in the photo.

For the benefit of those clueless, the top that Lady Gaga wore, called as The Muscle Dress was actually designed and created by Leeroy New but is carried under Kermit's fashion line exclusively. Leeroy is a young visual/graphic artist who is now famous in manila's design scene. (i will do post something about Leeroy very soon)

I think kermit and Leeroy's collaboration is something that we filipino's should be proud of.

Good job guys!!!

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