Friday, April 15, 2011

Out of the Blue

A week ago- while my colleague and I went out to buy our morsel diet lunch. We talked about the boybands who passed by the music industry during the past decades. (I know! We are so close that we talk about wide variety of things ranging from politics, business, showbiz, music, fashion, and so on) So we sort of flashed backed and recalled different boybands from BackStreet Boys, Nsync, 98 Degrees, Westlife, A1, 911, and Blue!

I am not a fan of boysbands so I was not really contributing that much during the discussion. But we had an extended talk over Blue. We both find some of their members cute or hot.

What a coincidence now, when I saw a post on my dashboard from Todo Sa Bongga that Blue is making a comeback and they have recently posed nude for Attitude (a London Gay Magazine). Apparently they joined Eurovision and they're on a campaign to win the said competition. I must say posing nude is a great way to push forward their chances of winning. Smart move.

below are the Photos from Attitude Magazine... Enjoy!

I've decided to post some of the racy pics on a smaller size to somehow conceal the unnecessary chunks of their manliness. Just zoom the pics if you really want to see the chunks! lol

photos were taken from and from scans by wiwibloggs

PS: Duncan came out as Bisexual! He's HOT!

Lee is the other white member with a good body!
I dont know the name of the black guy!
I feel bad for the other less buff white member.

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