Friday, April 22, 2011

A Lambs First Look At Mariah Carey's Twin Nursery

I'm a Lamb!! That's 100% For Real!


The Revelation

One thing I have not told about myself in this blog is that I am a certified Mariah Carey fan. More popularly known as a Lamb. (Yes Mariah calls her fans, Lambs!). And I am proud to say that I have been loving her music, her voice, and that money note (that only Mariah can do) since Day 1. I have supported her music and sang her songs (on the karaoke) from the Highs (Butterfly, The Emancipation of Mimi) and the lows (Glitter) of her career. Her songs have been relevant in parts of my teenage life and have inspired (not just me) but millions of people to be the best and to love themselves in order to love others.

So if I am to choose songs to be part of the soundtrack of my life, I could say that 80% of it will come from Mariah's songlist and the other 20% would be random favorites.

The Celebration

One of the good things Mariah is good at, is that she never fails to acknowledge and make her Lambs feel that she loves and appreciates them. May it be on Twitter or on her website she always includes her Lambs on top of her list of priorities. She even has this online activity where her lambs could choose the first ever clothes her babies will wear after giving birth, ain't that festive!

So when the news came last year that Mariah  is pregnant, all the lambs rejoiced. I think it's about time for a new found happiness and blessing for her (in the form of a real family). Oh, and take note, we're all looking forward to not just One but Two babies!! Yes, she'll be delivering Two Baby Cannons any minute from now!

Mariah is due any time now! 

Recently, Life and Style Magazine featured Mariah's lavish and festive Nursery. Thank you Life and Style for doing a feature on it. here are some pics of Mariah and of the Nursery! Enjoy!
"I wanted to create a beautiful, tranquil, cozy environment for the babies," Mariah tells Life & Style in an exclusive interview. "Everything matches, but pieces are individualized to celebrate the twins as separate entities."
(Yes, that's a Lamb she's holding!)
"Designing the LA nursery with Gail Sedigh of AFK Furniture and the NYC nursery with world-famous decorator Mario Buatta was so challenging because I had such specific ideas I wanted implemented. I feel like I'm bringing two individuals into the world, so I wanted to do more than cookie-cutter styles in blue and pink." And dad Nick agrees. He wanted the twins' side-by-side cribs accented with pink and green bedding instead of the traditional pink and blue."
"The ceiling has orangey-pink clouds in a blue sky with golden stars twinkling. It's based on two songs I wrote that are fan favorites: 'Underneath the Stars' and 'Close My Eyes,'" Mariah tells Life & Style. "Sometimes I just sit in the nursery and stare at the ceiling because I love it so much. To me, it symbolizes wanting my children to dream as big as possible and to let their imaginations be unbridled." Mariah also incorporated her favorite winged insects, butterflies, into the nursery and super-soft stuffed-animal lambs, what the singer endearingly calls her fans.

Enjoy the scans below!

If you want to read the full article you can pick up Life and Style Magazine, it's out today (April 22, 2011) on newsstands, or visit their website .
Special Thanks to for the scans!

(PR photos picked up from Life and Style website)

For those wondering about "Close My Eyes" - it is a song co-written by Mariah herself and is included in one of my Fave albums, Butterfly! Here's a vintage Mariah performing Close My Eyes at The Rosie O'Donell Show in 1997!!

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