Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Biased Review Of Thor: Must See

Sorry, but I'm a Marvel fan!

I am a Marvel Fan (Review)...

I am a Marvel Legends Toy Collector, I have tons of Action Figures of Marvel Superheroes, and I can say that I'm quite familiar with some of the popular Marvel Comics (X-men, Avengers, Fantastic Four, etc). That's why every time there is a Marvel Superhero Movie, I get really excited.

Before seeing this film, I was really excited to see how Marvel will translate Thor's God-like Story into the big screen and how they will blend the Mythical Story into the Sci-fi aspect of a Marvel Action Hero. I am glad to say that I am pleased with the outcome. 

The movie showed Two locations- Asgard, the world where Thor, Loki, Odin (Anthony Hopkins) reside. This world is where the Visual feast is shown, the CGI and visual effects are just amazing. The Second location is New Mexico, this is where the sci-fi and human aspect of the film took place. This is where Thor met Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) a Scientist/Astrologer who researches on recent extra-terrestrial weather activities until she met Thor after he was exiled by his father from Asgard.

It was nice...

It was nice that they minimized the cheesy love story angle, to focus on the story of how Thor faced the consequence of losing his powers, how he recovered his Hammer (Mjolnir), and how he saved Asgard from his villain stepbrother Loki and the Frost Giants.

It was nice that they added a hint of comedy- Darcy (Kat Dennings) made me laugh with a few throws of funny lines. Thor himself had a few comedic moments after being thrown to Earth, even asking for a cat or dog big enough to ride on.

It was nice that they showed Thor's character to be more human than God. They explained that Thor is not a God, instead he (and the other Characters from Asgard) is an inter-dimensional being, with extraordinary powers, who lives in an interconnected branches of inter-dimensional galaxies that includes our planet.

It was nice to see realistic CGI and Visual Effects, specially during the scenes in Asgard. It was nice how they connected the teaser (at the end of Iron Man 2) to this movie. It was nice to see Stan Lee, and to know that Thor will be back in the Avengers Movie.

Lastly, It was nice to see an actor (Chris Hemsworth) who portrayed the character well. I couldn't think of any other actor who can play Thor like he does. 

My Judgement!

It was a well-made movie! If you're a Marvel Fan like me, you will definitely enjoy it. If you're not a Marvel Fan, I think you will like it.

It's now showing on all major cinemas (here in Metro Manila)!! Watching it in 3D is recommended!!

Here's the official Trailer of Thor... enjoy!

PS : I just cant let this pass. I heard everyone gasp during the Shirtless scene in the movie. It's as if everyone wants to have (either have the same or get a taste of) that killer body! pics below...

pics grabbed from google images

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