Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kate Moss and Rodrigo Santoro On Vogue Brazil

Can't get any hotter than this!!

I've been posting a lot of love for Mario Testino lately. That's because he's been sending hot vibes and works of art to my senses!

Aside from Vogue Japan and Vogue Paris this May, Kate Moss will also be appearing on Vogue Brazil's 36th Anniversary Issue. This time it will be Mario Testino who took the Photos.

If you think Kate Moss is hot enough for Vogue Brazil, then think again, also included in the Anniversary Issue, are some of the famous Brazilian men.

Here's Kate with one of my original Brazilian crush, Rodrigo Santoro (Love Actually, 300, Charlie's Angels)

And here's Kate in one of the photos from the Issue... I censored it though, just get a copy if you want to see it (but not in this blog)...

PS I wish this issue will be available here too! i don't wanna order online!

Photos courtesy of Vogue Brazil

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