Sunday, April 10, 2011

Best Beauty Pageant Question Ever

If you are one of those beauty pageant fanatics, what would you do to the judge who asked this question??

"Given the chaos happening allover the world, what do you think is the relevance of winning a beauty pageant like this?" (Edwin Lacierda - Cabinet Member- Aquino Administration- referring to Bb Pilipinas 2011)

Since, I'm not really a fan of beauty pageants, I didn't really feel bad when he uttered that question. I felt bad, after hearing the contestant's completely irrelevant answer. Why? Because I felt she could've easily gave Edwin Lacierda a "whack on the head" answer.

The question made me realize that there are still people who think that beauty pageants are irrelevant. That to some people, beauty pageants don't have deeper purpose aside from entertainment.

The contestant's senseless and irrelevant answer made me feel bad, because it validated the the underlying sarcastic message of Edwin Lacierda's question. That beauty pageants are pointless. I felt bad for the girls whose dream is to become a beauty queen someday, to they gay boys who dreamt of being part and wining a beauty pageant, and to the other contestants who dreamt of getting the title but was not chosen to be part of the Top Rank.

So what could have been the best answer for that question???

Since I can't find a video of Edwin Lacierda's Q&A in Binibining Pilipinas. I've decided to post (probably) the biggest fail during this years Binibining Pilipinas...

Luzelle Felipe- The People's Government Girl- was poised to win. Backed by a beautiful back story (poor girl, former tricycle driver, achiever, beauty queen), Beautiful face, and a notable height. Her dreams of becoming this years representative to the Ms. Universe Pageant, crumbled the moment she opened that pretty pinkish mouth to answer the question "If you were to write a letter to the president of the Philippines, what will you tell him and why?" Must see!

Oh and I just want to share one of my favorite tunes in 2008 was actually inspired by an Epic Fail from Binibining Pilipinas - by DJ Dense Modesto entitle "I Came From One of the Tuff Ten (08 Victory Remix) - It makes me smile when I hear the killer giggles part. Must Listen!


  1. I think beauty pageants fall under the rubric of other "needless" things, such as fashion, or art, or interior design, but which celebrate something all of us acknowledge and raise up as important, which is beauty.

    I think the best way to answer that is to say that beauty pageants offer the opportunity to celebrate beauty in diversity, and that, given all the problems in the world, it is perhaps important to offer people a respite from those problem, and to celebrate and acknowledge that there is still beauty in the world.

    P.S. Not a fan of beauty contests too, but the same criticism has been leveled on fashion for a long long time. I think the same answer I gave above would suffice for fashion too.

  2. That's probably the best answer Ive heard! Thanks for viewing my blog! Been reading your blog lately... It's really nice! Take care, stay festive and safe!