Saturday, April 9, 2011

Forever 21 Opens 2nd Store in the Philippines

When I first heard that Forever 21 was opening their first ever store here in Manila, I was like "ok, goodluck!" - I wasn't really expecting that bulk of support from the Filipinos to the said brand. Up until I get the chance to visit their Megamall Store and saw these number of girls, ladies, (some men) and women, almost as if panicking to get the best stock. After I saw that situation, I prayed that they would open their 2nd store just to ease the struggles of those, like me, who are not into shopping in crowded places.

And since God is good, he immediately answered my prayer...

Yesterday, April 8 2011, marked the opening of the 2nd store of Forever 21 in the country- Located at the Ground floor of SM Makati. It is going to be a treat for Southern Belles, because they don't have to go to Megamall to visit and shop.

So I got the chance to drop by Forever 21 (Makati) this afternoon!! It's not as big as the one in Megamall (I think) but I believe it's more organized. The Aisles in between the racks are bigger, so even if there are lots of shoppers, you don't have to shovel them off just to check out something you like. The store has high-ceiling (compared to their store in Megamall), which is good, because you won't feel claustrophobic if there are lots of shoppers.

So why is Forever21 successful in our country? Given that Pinoys love supporting imported products, Forever21 offers cheaper (or should I say, Low-priced) imported apparels that are trendy and updated. So, imported + low priced updated goods = Forever21

(image from Forever21 facebook fan page)

PS: I'm still waiting for H&M!!


  1. ay ang saya naman meron na niyan jan!yeah H&M would be fun too!!!

  2. Hi Mac Callister! Thnx for viewing my post! Rumors of H&M coming here have been circulating for a year na... Tc always! I'm checking ur blog now... Really interesting!