Wednesday, April 13, 2011

NAIA 5th Ugliest Airport in the World

This is inevitable!
An airport is a gateway of a country to the world. It is the first thing a foreign visitor will notice upon setting foot in a country. It should always be the first thing to be renovated and upgraded by the government.

Yesterday, a website published "The World's Ugliest Airport" article. It didn't come as a surprise that Ninoy Aquino International Airport (specifically Terminal 1) ranked 5th on their list.

Aside from the age-old facilities NAIA Terminal 1 was quoted as a place filled with bribery, extortion, and corruption, because of it's employees.

One even quoted it as a place "run by thieves, manned by thieves and extortionist neatly dressed in their uniforms."

Posted below is probably the nicest comment I've read about NAIA Terminal 1.

"NAIA 1 - The oldest obviously. Yuck carpets, congested (but a bit better after PAL and Cebu Pacific moved their flights to newer terminals). They should turn this into a museum or something instead. Waiting area looked like a cage. NAIA 2 - Way cleaner, more organized and airier than NAIA 1. Only operates for PAL flights. Easiest check in. NAIA 3 - Newest and 3 times bigger than NAIA 1. Operates for Cebu Pacific and PAL Express domestic and international flights. If not for stingy international airlines, they should have started moving to this new terminal instead. So quit complaining if your airline is too poor to move to NAIA 3. New shops are sprouting around too. Domestic - Ugliest of all terminals. "

Honestly- I didn't feel bad after I have read those nasty comments. Being a frequent user of the NAIA Airports, I know first hand how ugly terminal 1 is and how corrupt our airport employees can get (speaking from personal experience). From the porters and security guards begging for tips, immigration officers who will try to harass you just so you give them some money (or Pampadulas), to our customs who will try to confiscate stuff from your baggage. I'm not saying though that every single employee is corrupt. There are still those who try to work with dignity. 

I still don't understand why the bigger international airlines were left in the older and uglier Airport (Terminal 1). It must've felt good for Cebu Pacific and PAL to have transferred to the newer Terminals for their flights. All I know is that there are some corruption issues, which is why the Terminal 3, which is the largest and newest terminal, was not opened to the international flights.

In the end, I still have high hopes for our Airports. Maybe a change in the entire management will do.

I personally think that this is the right time for the Presidential Sister/ Queen of Media - Kris Aquino to step in. lol.

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If you are for the improvement of NAIA Terminal 1. You may express your sentiment by liking this Facebook Page.

If you have seen the news tonight, our airport officials denied the accusations of the said website. They're so lame, they even showed the media a clean comfort room!

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