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iStyled: The Red Lions' Semerad Twins (Anthony and Dave) for Manila Bulletin

The Semerad Twins
Anthony and Dave Semerad of San Beda Red Lions
Styled by JP DICHE
Grooming by SHEILA TIU
Clothes from FOLDED AND HUNG


Double trouble

Article By RONALD S. LIM
September 14, 2011

MANILA, Philippines — For 20 year-old fraternal twins Anthony and David Semerad, it’s all about being a family – even when it comes to basketball.
When the twins decided to pursue college basketball in the Philippines, it wasn’t just the academic standing and credentials that they were looking for in the universities that they visited. More than anything, they were looking for a place that felt like home.
“We came from Europe, we never knew of any schools and all the ones that we heard of were pretty prestigious,” explains Anthony. “But we found what we were looking for in San Beda because it’s like a family here. Since it’s just me and my brother here, we wanted a school that would feel like home to us.”
Indeed, family comes first for these Filipino-Czech cagers who were born in Australia.
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(Dave Left/ Anthony Right) 
They're Home
Making the journey to the Philippines was not a new experience for the Semerads. They had previously visited the country as 10 year-olds, and they speak fondly of the country’s unique aroma.
“It’s this smell that just reminds you of the Philippines. It’s a good smell, you know you’re in the Philippines,” says David with a laugh.
“It’s like a distinctive smell, you know you’re somewhere else. The sweat, the heat, the people were different. That’s the first initial thing I felt. Coming here wasn’t really a shock,” adds Anthony. “People would tell me that we would have culture shock and stuff like that, but I think my brother and I adapted pretty well.”
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“My mom did well with going to church and having God in your life, because in Australia it’s not really pushed. Filipino parents are very strict and our mom was very strict with us. Growing up she oriented us towards God, family, and our studies,” Anthony recalls.
“I’ve learned a few words in Tagalog growing up. We also grew up with Filipino food, and we really loved sinigang na baboy and adobo with ginger,” says David.
Anthony Semerad
It also didn’t hurt that the two felt completely welcomed in San Beda College.

“The first day in San Beda, everyone was there for us, talking to us and asking us how we were. It was a very friendly environment. The training here is up to standard,” says Anthony. “I’ve never heard of basketball here and coming here, stagnating was my worry. But the training here is up to par; we travel to the States once a year.”

The particularly physical way that basketball is played here was also something that the Semerads had to adjust to.
“Basketball here is rough and it’s a lot quicker. Back in Australia, it’s a different style of game. We definitely had to adjust to the way the game is played here and we still are adjusting,” explains David. “Everyone’s a lot shorter here and quicker! When I dribble the ball, they can easily steal it and I had to adjust and be quick too.”
Dave Semerad
The twins also dispel any notions that they are “favored children” when it comes to their academics at San Beda. They are both taking up Business Marketing, and even made the dean’s list once when they were in their second year.

“I’m a hard worker. I do all my assignments, I take all my exams and I study hard. You can check the papers, it shows,” says David. “There’s usually a lot of late nights getting my assignments and my schoolwork done. There’s a bit of stress but we get through.”
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On Sibling rivalry....
“We’ve had quite a few fights over girls. He says he always wins but I think it’s 50-50. Anthony’s more shy. He’d want me to talk to the girl for him and get her number. But he’d never do it for me, I’d have to do it myself. As for wild behavior? That’s classified information,” says David with a laugh.
Right now, we’re single and ready to mingle... We’ve definitely competed over a girl, and David may tell a different story but I always win. I always get what I want,” counters Anthony. “He says that he’s the wilder one and I’m shy, but I think he just doesn’t know who I am really.”
On Football's Rising Popularity in the country...
“Mum and dad would always teach us that we’re the same, that we’re brothers and twins, so we shouldn’t fight and just help each other,” says Anthony. “It’s good that the Philippines has more options. Both can go up and both can get international attention. It’s good for the country and Filipinos. It’s doesn’t have to be either-or.”

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Monday, September 19, 2011

My Favorite Emmy Awards 2011 Look

Yes, you are seeing the right image!!

I am not a fan of Kelly Osbourne. I have not seen myself appreciating her shows, whatever it is she does, and most of all her style and taste in fashion. Not until today.

When i saw her walk that Emmy Awards red carpet wearing that divine creation of renowned fashion designer, J. Mendel, everything turned 360. I love how kelly looked on that red carpet. From the stunning gown, accessories, and that silvery-blonde do!

Although, i must admit that that dress would look good on another gifted and drop-dead gorgeous actress or model, but i wanna give Kelly and her style team the well deserved credit!!

Good job! Now all eyes will be on her in the next red carpet events! I will keep my fingers crossed and hope that she will not disappoint!
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Guess Who Loves My Blog!!!

Clue? She's the most beautiful Pinay in the Universe!!!

My failed attempt to polarize!
Well, I guess the clue and that failed pic is a dead-giveaway. 
It's Shamcey Supsup. 

Sunday morning (September 18), Shamcey arrived  in our country and she went straight to a press conference in Araneta Center. To meet and answer  local media questions.

Since my Sunday morning became hectic after the Cable provider arrived (to install a new cable service) I wasn't able to personally see the stunner. So I immediately requested for a fan-sign! Haha

And here it is!!

"Shamcey ♥ JPDHOTMESS Blog!!"

It may not be super clear, but it definitely made me smile!!

LYM Jaser for this!!

Rihanna for Armani

Yes!! That's Riri! More famously known as Rihanna. The Barbados-born singer is the latest endorser of Emporio Armani Jeans and Armani Underwear. Shot by Steve Klein in New York, the photos feature nothing  but Sexy Riri! 

One thing I like about this campaign is Rihanna's new "do"!

Here are the rest of the photos for the campaign!! Enjoy the fierceness!!

Photos courtesy of Armani Facebook Page

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Jasmine Curtis- Smith for Bayo

Love, Bayo
Yesterday, I went to Mall of Asia to return some pullouts from a photo shoot we had the previous day. I had the luxury of time to do a little window shopping after everything was settled from the shop 
where I borrowed the clothes.  

One brand caught my attention when I saw their latest ad campaign photos inside their store. That was Bayo.

Bayo has been one of the strongest players in the women's RTW scene. Being able to stay strong for over a decade is a feat worth noting. One of the reasons why I remember their brand is because they had Lea Salonga as their brand endorser when I was in High School, but aside from that they have chic, wearable pieces that every girl and women would wear. 

Now going back to "Love, Bayo"....

Yes, that is the name of Bayo's (Clothing Brand) latest Ad Campaign featuring the "Hottest Sister" in town, Jasmine Curtis- Smith.  I don't think she need much of an introduction. Just by the surname alone you would know who she is and where she's from. But for the benefit of the innocent - Jasmine, is the (equally gorgeous) younger sister of one of the biggest TV stars here in our country, Anne Curtis-Smith.

I was shock to see Jasmine leading Bayo's latest Ad Campaign. I think she's got lots of potential, and Bayo getting her to lead their campaign would mean bigger things to come for her.

Here are the gorgeous ad photos of Jasmine Curtis-Smith for "Love, Bayo"

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Photos courtesy of
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Monday, September 12, 2011

It's Still A Celebration of Beauty (Miss Universe 2011 is Angola)

Leila Lopes of Angola, won Miss Universe 2011!!

She said she is happy with the way she looks, and wont change anything even if there's chance. That's the idea of her answer to Ms Lea Salonga's question.

I started rooting for Ms. Angola when I learned about her back story. It's been her dream to be Miss Universe, she organizes small pageants in her hometown to teach little girls self-esteem and confidence. And that passion gave her the title! 

Love yourself , be grateful with what you have, and strive to achieve your dreams... that's what I learned from this girl! Well deserved!

in other news, 

My country's representative Shamcey Supsup, finished 3rd Runner Up!
She's been a fan and judges favorite from the beginning, i think because she's is intelligent and charming.
This girl is a licensed architect and she graduated Suma Cum Laude in our country's top university!

I honestly think she would win after that articulate answer! Choosing your religion over love is a brave thing to do! Thanks Shamcey for making us Pinoys proud!! 
You are definitely our country's Miss Universe!

3 out of the 5 final 5 candidates used "Respect" which means Respect is the new world peace!!

Zac Posen Spring 2012 Show

Zac Posen stole my heart!!
Well.. I am not in New York Fashion Week but I get updates and pictures of  concluded Fashion Shows, thanks to Twitter! 

I woke up at 4:00AM and saw a tweet from showing one of Zac Posen's latest collection during his on-going fashion show, guess what? I was sold!

And so I waited for a couple of hours and checked every fashion websites to see the entire collection, and yes the 2-hour wait is worth it! The dresses and gowns are just drop-dead gorgeous!!

In times like these, i hate the fact that God didn't make me as a woman!!
I think every women would look good on those dresses!! 

I've been seeing a lot of  these "Serpentine/Mermaid Cut" gowns, and the forecast earlier this year, that it will come back, is definitely coming true base on Zac's collection!

Just look at that!!

And of course! Coco Rocha wearing the finale dress!! A dress that can launch a thousand cat-fights!!

Loves it!

Photos from Red Carpet Fashion

Goodbye Spartacus!!! (RIP Andy Whitfield)

1972 - 2011
I was watching True Blood 4 this morning when I read a tagged tweet from a friend that a star of one of my favorite TV Series has succumbed to cancer. There's only  of, and that's Andy Whitfield. True enough news online spread confirming the actor's death. It was sad.

Andy Whitfield, played as Spartacus (and it has became his signature role) in the Spartacus: Blood and Sand TV series. He was diagnosed with Non-hodgkin Lymphoma right before he started taping the 2nd season of the said TV Series. 

According to the news, Andy (39) died in the arms of his wife in Sydney earlier today.

It was sad, because I am a fan of Spartacus and I think he did a great job playing the role! I was looking forward to seeing him big time!

May you rest in peace gladiator!!

First Look At Lea T's Blue Man Campaign: Kabog!!

Remember my post a few months ago, about Lea T shooting her first ever swimsuit campaign for Blue Man ( a few months after undergoing sex-change)??

Well here's a first look!
Photo by Terry Richardson

Winner!!! Lavet Lavet Lavet!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bianca Gonzalez on Mega Magazine Editorial (September Issue)

It's Bianca Gonzalez for Mega!! 
And guess what, it's shot in Moscow!! Sosyal!!!
Photos by Seven Barretto
Art Direction by (nonetheless) Suki Salvador
Styling by Angela Alarcon
and Hair and Makeup by Jigs Mayuga

This editorial (I think) is the most expensive of all the September issue editorials.

I posted some of the pics i liked from this editorial, If you guys want to see the rest of the photos, and know who she wore and what accessories, you guys should buy Mega Magazine September Issue (LoL)!!
I love that top!!
The dominatrix Bianca G!!! lol
And of course, it ain't Russia without the knee-high boots!
This is my favorite!! (For me) this should've been the cover!!
thanks to Fashion Media PH for the scans
Photo courtesy of Mega Magazine
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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

September Issue Pinoy Version (Redux): Fashion Mags

If you can remember my post last week about Fashion Magazines' September Issues then by now you would have an idea of its relevance in Fashion, as to why September is very important. Most of the magazines featured there are international fashion magazines. 

Now it's time for our own local covers to be on my blog!! This time around all of the Fashion Magazines I know are included!!

I like this cover photo!!

That killer body!!

This i love for its content!
Dont you just love the gown!!

iStyled: Alessandra de Rossi for Manila Bulletin (09/07/2011)

Miss Understood

(Assisted by CROMWELL TORIO)
Styled by JP DICHE
Clothes Shoes and Accessories from
Shot on Location at
MANILA HOTEL (McArthur Suite)

Read full article HERE

MANILA, Philippines — One might think that a young yet accomplished actress like Alessandra de Rossi wouldn’t have any regrets in life.
She has received accolades for her work here and abroad. She gets paid for what she loves to do. But she says there is still one thing missing when a few years back, she came to a realization – she regrets not finishing school.
Alessandra was half-way through high school when showbiz happened.
“I was already acting in high school and I was struggling with my Math. I felt at that time, I did not need Math if I would be an actress all of my life. ‘Yun naman ang gusto ko. But I was wrong. Kailangan ko pala siya because there were several times I thought of quitting showbiz and I needed a fallback. How I wish I graduated from college para meron akong alam na ibang gawin,” reveals Alessandra.
Now Alessandra is seriously considering taking a basic baking course as soon as she finds the time. “So when the time comes that I feel I needed to do something else, I can always go back to Lecce (Italy), every week pupuwesto ako sa isang kanto and sell my baked goodies. Besides, mas masarap ang buhay doon because my family is there. Gusto ko rin kasi ng tahimik na buhay kaya ok lang din ako doon,” relates the part-Filipino and part-Italian actress.
Although she may be successful at showbiz, Alessandra advises young kids to make school their top priority, because not everyone is cutout for this type of job. “Lalo na kapag bata, I don’t advice them to get into showbiz. Mag-aral na lang muna sila. Kasi ako, hindi ako nakapagtapos, at nagkamali ako,” she says, speaking from experience.
Read full article HERE

Passion for Acting

“My mom wanted me to become a lawyer. But then I also wanted to become a pilot and a pre-school teacher. I even wanted to be a mermaid. But never to be an actress,” she recalls.

“Eversince I started it was never really about the money for me...It’s just now that money has become a consideration because I have responsibilities to take care of. Even if I need more money to pay for my bills, if I don’t want to do a certain project because it would compromise my values, I still won’t do it,”  

Read full article HERE

The contravida perception about her is something that Alessandra is well-aware of. “Even the friends that I have now, they thought at first I’m this liberal type of girl na mataray, but I’m not. You can see naman.
Mukha lang talaga akong mataray,” Alessandra says, who claims she is actually the sweetest and most thoughtful among her sisters.
“I’m sensitive to my parents’ needs, emot ional ly and even financially. For some reason, I can feel if they are going through something. Mas open tuloy sila sa akin. If my daddy is sick, sa akin niya sinasabi kasi alam niya na gagawan ko ng paraan. Si mama, whatever she needs, I give it to her,” she relates.

“I wanted to do something like a Julia Roberts type of romantic comedy.
But I know it’s not going to happen, kasi hindi naman siya kikita, sayang ang pera. Ako na lang ang gagawa in the future, ako ang producer and director,” she says.
Read full article HERE

While she relies on her TV work to feed her body, she turns to making independent films to feed her soul.

“For so many years, I’m only given contravida roles, na gusto ‘yung leading man na ayaw sa kanya. I don’t have any problems with that because it feeds me. But for a thinking actress, it bores me sometimes...  There’s no growth. That’s why I’m so thankful there’s indie,” says Alessandra

Ales sandra’ s recent work “Busong” (Palawan Fate), directed by Auraeus Solito took her to the Cannes Film Festival where she got the chance to walk the red carpet.
“My first few days there, parang wala lang siya. Noong medyo pauwi na, that’s when it finally sunk in, ang laking event pala nung pinuntahan ko. What’s nice about Cannes is that you really feel their respect for you as an actress and for your film.
Malaking bagay ‘yung nabibigay mo ‘yung gusto mong ibigay, hindi ‘yung kailangan mong ibigay para may manood sa’yo,” she says.

Read full article HERE

Not known to many, Alessandra has a secret hobby – she sings, composes, and arranges songs.
“I want people to know that I have that other talent. Kasi it is also one of my dreams to do musical scoring for a movie,” she says.
Likewise, Alessandra hopes to direct a movie in the near future. When she has mustered enough guts, she wants to participate in the Cinemalaya Film Festival as a director.
Read full article HERE

Many Thanks to Manila Bulletin Students and Campuses Section
Clothes, Shoes, and Accessories from SM Department Store
Manila Hotel