Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Claim To Fame - Birthday

September 4 - that's a very special day in the history! Well, at least in my life story. That's because it is the day i was born on this planet.

Here in MNL it is already the 5th but since i work on a US time, it is still September 4 in my calendar and body clock.

So how did i celebrate my birthday? I didnt expect it to be fun as i have got nothing planned. It was festive, we went to an island a few minutes away from MNL. It's an island filled with towering slides and pools, it is Splash Island. Thanks to my sister and jaser who initiated and planned everything. I definitely enjoyed the whole day! It was my first time there and i get to celebrate it with my 1 yr old baby sister (Gianina). The slides were amazing and i was able to unwind. I hope i could go back there anytime soon.

Thanks again to everyone who greeted (on facebook/twitter/sms) and to the gifts (of love and stuff) i received. I will definitely treasure the happiness.

And speaking of September 4 (birthday)...

Everytime i am asked as to when my birthday is, i always give them the "it's the same day as Beyonce's" answer. It has been my constant answer and so far my claim to fame (lol).

Yes, September 4, is also Beyonce's birthday. You guys should know by now but if you guys haven't figured that out. Her album "B-day" was released on September 4 and her latest album "4" (which is now topping the charts) is connected to her favorite number 4 which happens to be her birthday. (i just have to explain everything, haha)

I am yet to grab a copy of her latest album, but i have already downloaded 5 songs (- Run The World, End of Time, Love On Top, 1 + 1, Best Thing Youll Never Have). End of Time and Love On Top are now included in the "most played" and "recently played" list on my ipod. You guys should listen to those tracks. Im sure you'll also love it.

Beyonce turns 30 (a couple of years older than me) and we're both still rolling (rolling, rolling on the river!)!!!

Keep it up Beyonce (and keep it up Jp!)!!!

Happy Birthday to us!!!!

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