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iStyled: Alessandra de Rossi for Manila Bulletin (09/07/2011)

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MANILA, Philippines — One might think that a young yet accomplished actress like Alessandra de Rossi wouldn’t have any regrets in life.
She has received accolades for her work here and abroad. She gets paid for what she loves to do. But she says there is still one thing missing when a few years back, she came to a realization – she regrets not finishing school.
Alessandra was half-way through high school when showbiz happened.
“I was already acting in high school and I was struggling with my Math. I felt at that time, I did not need Math if I would be an actress all of my life. ‘Yun naman ang gusto ko. But I was wrong. Kailangan ko pala siya because there were several times I thought of quitting showbiz and I needed a fallback. How I wish I graduated from college para meron akong alam na ibang gawin,” reveals Alessandra.
Now Alessandra is seriously considering taking a basic baking course as soon as she finds the time. “So when the time comes that I feel I needed to do something else, I can always go back to Lecce (Italy), every week pupuwesto ako sa isang kanto and sell my baked goodies. Besides, mas masarap ang buhay doon because my family is there. Gusto ko rin kasi ng tahimik na buhay kaya ok lang din ako doon,” relates the part-Filipino and part-Italian actress.
Although she may be successful at showbiz, Alessandra advises young kids to make school their top priority, because not everyone is cutout for this type of job. “Lalo na kapag bata, I don’t advice them to get into showbiz. Mag-aral na lang muna sila. Kasi ako, hindi ako nakapagtapos, at nagkamali ako,” she says, speaking from experience.
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Passion for Acting

“My mom wanted me to become a lawyer. But then I also wanted to become a pilot and a pre-school teacher. I even wanted to be a mermaid. But never to be an actress,” she recalls.

“Eversince I started it was never really about the money for me...It’s just now that money has become a consideration because I have responsibilities to take care of. Even if I need more money to pay for my bills, if I don’t want to do a certain project because it would compromise my values, I still won’t do it,”  

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The contravida perception about her is something that Alessandra is well-aware of. “Even the friends that I have now, they thought at first I’m this liberal type of girl na mataray, but I’m not. You can see naman.
Mukha lang talaga akong mataray,” Alessandra says, who claims she is actually the sweetest and most thoughtful among her sisters.
“I’m sensitive to my parents’ needs, emot ional ly and even financially. For some reason, I can feel if they are going through something. Mas open tuloy sila sa akin. If my daddy is sick, sa akin niya sinasabi kasi alam niya na gagawan ko ng paraan. Si mama, whatever she needs, I give it to her,” she relates.

“I wanted to do something like a Julia Roberts type of romantic comedy.
But I know it’s not going to happen, kasi hindi naman siya kikita, sayang ang pera. Ako na lang ang gagawa in the future, ako ang producer and director,” she says.
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While she relies on her TV work to feed her body, she turns to making independent films to feed her soul.

“For so many years, I’m only given contravida roles, na gusto ‘yung leading man na ayaw sa kanya. I don’t have any problems with that because it feeds me. But for a thinking actress, it bores me sometimes...  There’s no growth. That’s why I’m so thankful there’s indie,” says Alessandra

Ales sandra’ s recent work “Busong” (Palawan Fate), directed by Auraeus Solito took her to the Cannes Film Festival where she got the chance to walk the red carpet.
“My first few days there, parang wala lang siya. Noong medyo pauwi na, that’s when it finally sunk in, ang laking event pala nung pinuntahan ko. What’s nice about Cannes is that you really feel their respect for you as an actress and for your film.
Malaking bagay ‘yung nabibigay mo ‘yung gusto mong ibigay, hindi ‘yung kailangan mong ibigay para may manood sa’yo,” she says.

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Not known to many, Alessandra has a secret hobby – she sings, composes, and arranges songs.
“I want people to know that I have that other talent. Kasi it is also one of my dreams to do musical scoring for a movie,” she says.
Likewise, Alessandra hopes to direct a movie in the near future. When she has mustered enough guts, she wants to participate in the Cinemalaya Film Festival as a director.
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  1. I LOVE Alessandra. :) She's gorgeous and honest and quite intelligent too! :) Great job styling her! She looks beautiful!