Monday, September 12, 2011

It's Still A Celebration of Beauty (Miss Universe 2011 is Angola)

Leila Lopes of Angola, won Miss Universe 2011!!

She said she is happy with the way she looks, and wont change anything even if there's chance. That's the idea of her answer to Ms Lea Salonga's question.

I started rooting for Ms. Angola when I learned about her back story. It's been her dream to be Miss Universe, she organizes small pageants in her hometown to teach little girls self-esteem and confidence. And that passion gave her the title! 

Love yourself , be grateful with what you have, and strive to achieve your dreams... that's what I learned from this girl! Well deserved!

in other news, 

My country's representative Shamcey Supsup, finished 3rd Runner Up!
She's been a fan and judges favorite from the beginning, i think because she's is intelligent and charming.
This girl is a licensed architect and she graduated Suma Cum Laude in our country's top university!

I honestly think she would win after that articulate answer! Choosing your religion over love is a brave thing to do! Thanks Shamcey for making us Pinoys proud!! 
You are definitely our country's Miss Universe!

3 out of the 5 final 5 candidates used "Respect" which means Respect is the new world peace!!

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