Monday, September 19, 2011

Guess Who Loves My Blog!!!

Clue? She's the most beautiful Pinay in the Universe!!!

My failed attempt to polarize!
Well, I guess the clue and that failed pic is a dead-giveaway. 
It's Shamcey Supsup. 

Sunday morning (September 18), Shamcey arrived  in our country and she went straight to a press conference in Araneta Center. To meet and answer  local media questions.

Since my Sunday morning became hectic after the Cable provider arrived (to install a new cable service) I wasn't able to personally see the stunner. So I immediately requested for a fan-sign! Haha

And here it is!!

"Shamcey ♥ JPDHOTMESS Blog!!"

It may not be super clear, but it definitely made me smile!!

LYM Jaser for this!!

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