Thursday, September 15, 2011

Jasmine Curtis- Smith for Bayo

Love, Bayo
Yesterday, I went to Mall of Asia to return some pullouts from a photo shoot we had the previous day. I had the luxury of time to do a little window shopping after everything was settled from the shop 
where I borrowed the clothes.  

One brand caught my attention when I saw their latest ad campaign photos inside their store. That was Bayo.

Bayo has been one of the strongest players in the women's RTW scene. Being able to stay strong for over a decade is a feat worth noting. One of the reasons why I remember their brand is because they had Lea Salonga as their brand endorser when I was in High School, but aside from that they have chic, wearable pieces that every girl and women would wear. 

Now going back to "Love, Bayo"....

Yes, that is the name of Bayo's (Clothing Brand) latest Ad Campaign featuring the "Hottest Sister" in town, Jasmine Curtis- Smith.  I don't think she need much of an introduction. Just by the surname alone you would know who she is and where she's from. But for the benefit of the innocent - Jasmine, is the (equally gorgeous) younger sister of one of the biggest TV stars here in our country, Anne Curtis-Smith.

I was shock to see Jasmine leading Bayo's latest Ad Campaign. I think she's got lots of potential, and Bayo getting her to lead their campaign would mean bigger things to come for her.

Here are the gorgeous ad photos of Jasmine Curtis-Smith for "Love, Bayo"

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