Thursday, September 1, 2011

Birthday Gifts (personal post)

Last week has been filled with blessings and more blessings!

It is my birthday this weekend and i would like to thank the people who gave me early birthday gifts!

My mom gave me a Samsung Galaxy Tab, which i am now using to write this post. Thanks mom ILY!

I am not really a techy person, the techiest (if there is such a word) i could get is probably me getting an iphone (for my twitter and facebook). I have been contemplating on buying one for months before i received this tab.

This gift (tab) was just in time, as i have been tweeting alot for the past couple of weeks using other people's gadgets or my personal and office desktop. I am still in the process of learning everything about this tab, and i am looking forward to using it to it's full capacity.

So far, i am enjoying some of the application like twitter, email, facebook, calendar (very useful), angry birds, and pulse. I am planning to download more useful apps like this blogger droid.

Another gift i received which is very useful is a look book.
A friend, @boibitch from twitter gave me a Nylon Street (Book of Global Style). I find it very useful for the fashion styling thing i have been doing for over a year now. I am excited to browse all the pages. Thanx @boibitch !

*** on a different topic ****

I have been enjoying reading personal blogs lately (mostly gay blogs). Corp Closet and I Am Fickle Cattle to name a few. Reading them inspired me to somehow start posting more personal stuff on this blog. Thus this post. I have been thinking of creating another blog, but i am quite apprehensive if i could maintain it given my work schedule. Anyways we'll see about that.

So this Sunday will mark another year to my messy yet stylish life (char!). Im not getting any younger. I am looking forward to sharing more of me in this mess blog!

Till next time stylish peeps! Much love!


Check out my favorite blogs - he is a lawyer and a word slayer who shares his view on stuff like social issues and everything relevant! I wish i could write like him!

Http://corpcloset.blogspot.con/ - is a bigtime high ranking boss who shares his experiences and adventures of being a closet gay man in the corporate world. I love reading his posts on stuff like his "Prince Charming" and his personal adventures.
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