Monday, July 25, 2011

Xian Lim is HOT!! (Denim by Mint Fall 2011 Campaign)

This guy here should be big!!
Xian Lim (I think) is the hottest guy on television (after Piolo) these days!! And it sucks that he's not given good projects as an actor! Given the right projects and good PR, Xian will definitely shoot to stardom!!

Xian the Model, on the other hand, is rockin!! He recently signed as the new endorser of Mint (Denim). Last month, the ad campaign for Denim by Mint Fall 2011 was released featuring hot hot photos of Xian Lim!!!

Enjoy!!! Hottest photo on top!!

Photos from Mint Facebook Page


  1. 1000% agreed. My favorite is the last shot. He is flaming hot!

  2. Thanks for viewing the post! 1000000% scorching HOT! lol

  3. Just found this today by accident. I wonder how many Xian lovers saw this.
    Anyways, he is sizzling hot! We can feel it from US!

  4. He is totally hot... Thanks for viewing my blog post!! Take Care you guys from the US!! :D

  5. A real hot model. No matter the style of clothing...he rocks it!

  6. wow.. hot hot hot! marry me!!

  7. wow! just found out this post was made before my binondo girl was aired on tv. You're right he should be big and now, he is. He made it to super stardom and currently the new "IT" boy of Philippine's showbiz..