Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mario Maurer for the Bekis? For the Girls? for Penshoppe!!

Who loved him first? The Bekis or the gels?

Yes, you read it right!

Earlier last week- PR Asia Worldwide confirmed by tweeting that Asian Heart Throb Mario Maurer will be coming over to Manila to endorse the Hottest Clothing Brand in the country as of the moment PENSHOPPE.

Following the much talked about endorsement of Gossip Girl's Ed Westwick, PR Asia is definitely on a roll!

(Remember this?)

I know some of you guys are wondering who is Mario Maurer... 

This cutie is definitely famous with the girls and girls (at heart)! That's why when the news came out, Mario Maurer immediately  trended worldwide on Twitter the past week  

For the benefit of those who are not familiar...
Mario Maurer (Born, December 4, 1988 with a mixture of Thai, Chinese , and German blood) is a famous actor/model in his home country Thailand. 

At 16, Mario became a commercial and print ad model...

... and in 2007 he made his feature film debut where he played "Tong", (a teenager who fell in love with another boy) in the movie "The Love of Siam".  

This movie earned him popularity, not just in his home country, but also all over Asia. He even won the "Best Actor in Southeast Asia Award" in the 10th Cinemanila International Film Festival for the said film! (That's how big the bekis in Manila love him and the movie!)

(and here's the infamous kiss from The Love of Siam)

Now, how did the real girls (in Manila) learn about Mario Maurer? It was when his 2010 flick "A Little Thing Called Love" was shown in a local TV Channel, that the girls in Manila started going crazy over Mario! Why not? Mario played a more mature role in that film.

Mario already tweeted last week about coming to the Philippines which makes the followers of the cutie, in our country, all the more excited.

So the answer to the question as to who loved Mario first is pretty obvious!

I'm just glad PRAsia and Penshoppe made the right decision to get him as an endorser ... 
I think he suits the brand well!

Here's Volume Magazine cover in 2010 with Mario Maurer wearing short shorts!!
Enjoy Bekis!

Photos from and ohohmario facebook page 

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