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I Styled: Andi Eigenmann Feature On Manila Bulletin July 6, 2011

Rebel with a cause

"My being rebellious was always within reason, and my reasons were not stupid or childish. It was for people to know that I was responsible and independent enough, which was what my parents wanted me to prove in the first place.” 

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MANILA, Philippines — With piercing eyes and a devil-maycare attitude, Andi Eigenmann has this very intimidating air about her that some people may mistake as intentional haughtiness, making the young star seem unapproachable or plainly put, a snob. A second look would prove that it’s neither bad attitude nor a mere veil to protect her privacy — the girl just has spunk and she’s definitely not afraid to show it.

“I don’t like it when people try to step on my beliefs. I have my own principles and I live by them,” Andi says, while meticulously watching over how her make-up was being done for the shoot. “I don’t let any one rule my life, I make decisions for myself.”

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“Before I entered showbiz, a lot of the things I liked doing involved only myself. They didn’t require much company,” she says.

The self-confessed late bloomer might have gone through the awkward stage that every teenager grows out of, but her unconventional family also contributed to why she was very different from the rest of the girls in school since day one.
It was her not-so-normal familial set-up that developed her strong character and independent nature.
“There were times when I would be insecure, but I’m a very happy-golucky person so it never really showed. I would always be more hyper than I was insecure—more a big ball of energy than I was shy,” Andi quips.
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Growing up with celebrity relatives, Andi was never a stranger to the spotlight, but she wasn’t the type who wanted it perennially on her as well. In fact, Andi admits to being an introvert when she was younger.
The Neil Gaiman fan also confessed to being quite the rebel when she was in high school.

“I think everyone goes through that, but I was a rebel with a cause. My being rebellious was always within reason, and my reasons were not stupid or childish. It was for people to know that I was responsible and independent enough, which was what my parents wanted me to prove in the first place,” Andi explains.

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It was when her brother, Sid Lucero, broke into the independent film industry that Andi started thinking about pursuing a career of her own. When she finally did, it was both a surprise and a realization of an unspoken expectation
in the family.
“I was lucky enough to be given ‘Agua Bendita.’ It was truly a blessing. I got more than I what bargained for,” she says.
"It wasn’t about entering showbiz, it was about becoming an actress,” says Andi, who shares that her dream roles would be along the lines of Maria Clara, or any character in a period production, preferably situated in the Spanish era.

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Pretty baby

Despite all the projects that have come her way, there are things that Andi admits to missing about being a “regular” girl, which is harder to go back to now that she is expecting her first child.
“Of course I miss hanging out…being able to plan — just having a definite schedule. Before, whenever I wanted to do things for fun, I actually could. I miss being able to block an entire week, but the thing I miss the most is school. Nothing beats being a student, it’s the easiest part of life,” she says, adding that when she entered showbiz, the absence of her friends and family made her realize how much strength she gets from their presence.

"Pursuing a career in this business is really something to think about,” Andi says, while she fondly remembers all the things she missed about her life before. She shares advice with those who want to break into the business and promises that the road they’ll be taking will be as difficult as it is gratifying. “Hindi masarap ang buhay ng artista dahil artista siya, dahil ‘yun sa marami siyang pinagdinaanan. Kung gaano ka tamis, ganun din ‘yung pait,” she muses.

One of the things that ticks her off is the stereotype that actors are pushed into the business just because their profession honeycoats their lives with so-called glitz.
“Akala nila glamorous? It’s not so simple. We earned that. We work for that. If some people find school difficult, all the more will they be challenged by choosing to pursue a show business,” she defends.
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Now that the actress has a baby on the way, it’ll give her the opportunity to take the break that she wants. While she is going to put her acting career on pause, she hopes to get back to work as soon as possible so her plans still
go smoothly.
With a good head on her shoulders and the ability to exude awesomeness so awesome that it borders on scary, Andi definitely has a lot more in store for her.

Styled by PAT DICHE
MakeUp by KUSIE HO (for Andi Eigenmann)
Grooming by SHIELA NIU TIU 
Clothes from THE RAMP (CROSSINGS) for Andi, FOLDED AND HUNG for Diego
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