Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ads We May Never Get To See On Billboards (Hot)

I still can't get over the fact that MMDA already started riding in with the issue of sexy billboards in EDSA! 

Yes you read it right!!

The MMDA have started removing sexy billboards in EDSA. If you'll get to pass by Guadalupe, all you'll see are 6 billboards of Bench with clouds and blue sky, no more men in undies!!!!

and since it's sad that we will no longer see hot bodies along EDSA, I've thought of sharing some sexy pictures that could have been a very good billboard material!!!

Mostly from Bench and one from Mint!

Ali Borromeo of Phil Azkals for Bench Body

David Chua for Bench
Mark McMahon of Phil Azkals for Bench Body
Paulo Avelino for Bench Body
and to be fair with the straight boys, here's Barbra Barretto for Bench Body!

and for the last pic, I'm not sure if they also removed (or will remove it if ever)...
but I think it's so dangerously hot!!

Xian Lim for Mint!!!

Photos from Bench and Mint

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