Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ed Westwick In The Metro (Endorses Penshoppe and Covers Metro Society Magazine)

You know you love him!

3rd week of May when a rumor circled around Twitter, that Ed Westwick will be coming to Manila to do a Photo Shoot for one of my favorite local RTW Brands, Penshoppe!

Fans and Non-Fans of the Actor (from Gossip Girl) were quick to respond positively about this rumor. Up until an official statement from PR Asia Worldwide, during the last few days of May, came out confirming the said rumor (click here to see the official statement). Followers of the actor and of Penshoppe became more and more excited!

A month after the rumor materialized, countless billboards of  Ed can be seen allover the Metro. 
Ed Westwick still remains to be (for me) the best young-hollywood celebrity to ever grace a local brand. 
(So far!)

If you think that's the end of it... you're wrong!
Ed Westwick is featured on Metro Society Magazine this month (July 2011)...
Here are some pics of the feature by Metro Society!

Photographer Darren Tieste
Styled by Raoul Ramirez and Audie Espino for Penshoppe
Grooming by L'Oreal Paris Ph
Feature written by Leah Puyat 
(photos courtesy of PR Asia Worldwide)


Photos courtesy of PR Asia Worldwide

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