Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Very Own Studded Shoulder Shirt!!

Another one of my very owns!

And since I can't find the motivation and inspiration to finish my very own studded sneakers... 

And I'm going (have to go/ went/ attended) to a friend's farewell party last Friday!

And I don't wanna spend another round of kachings for a fabulous set of clothes!

I've decided to make my own piece of Studded Shoulder Shirt... I patterned it from the shirt below by Literature Noir!
I took an old black shirt from my closet, and the remaining studs from the Studded Sneaker project! Hand-stitched it for a day and half (just to make sure it won't fall off). And there!! Haha

You can do your own! Just have enough patience when you stitch 'em!


  1. Love your shirt! I've been searching the web looking for inspiration to make my own shirt like this and you've given it to me! Thank you!


  2. Wow, that's good to hear, thanks Christine! Im looking forward to see ur own studded shirt soon!

    Tc always and god bless!


  3. Hello...I was wondering, where did you buy your studs?

  4. Hi Fernando... if you are in Manila (Philippines) you can find studs in a Carolina's. It is a specialty shop that sells textiles, sequins, studs, and other stuffs used for arts and crafts. They are located in some Ayala Malls in the metro. Im not sure if they have an online shop though.

    Thanks for viewing my blog! Have a great day! :D