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Heart Evangelista Feature on Manila Bulletin Students and Campuses May 11,2011

Heart has a heart, that's for sure!

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Photos by Jerico Montemayor (Assisted by Cromwell Torio)
Location Salcedo Park, Salcedo Village, Makati
May 11, 2011, 12:34pm

MANILA, Philippines — To say that Heart Evangelista adores dogs is an understatement. She excitedly rattles off stories about her dogs, all 26 of them! Her kennel is composed of mostly Aspins (Asong Pinoy) and other imported breeds such as German Shepherd, Cocker Spaniel, Jack Russell, and Chihuahua. Most of these dogs stay on her father’s farm in Cavite, while a couple stays with her at her condominium unit in Makati.

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 Animal rights advocate, actress Heart Evangelista learns to use her celebrity to do good
“In the condo, I have two, sometimes three, it depends because they have vacation. I have a German Shepherd named Nikita, she usually stays in the condo but because she’s such a huge dog, sometimes people get scared. She just gave birth to six more puppies,”
“Ever since I can remember, my dad was breeding dogs. So, I grew up with German Shepherds, and Aspins as well. I used to help dad take care of the dogs,”


Because of her fondness for dogs, it became almost automatic for Heart to advocate for animal rights by joining the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) seven years ago and supporting campaigns for the right treatment of Aspins. PAWS has been actively promoting the adoption of Aspins, and the better their treatment, much like how imported dog breeds are regarded. 

Heart joins talks and events, fundraising activities, fashion shows for dogs and even baptism for dogs. 

                                              “Nakakapagod mag-alaga ng maraming aso, parang you have kids din. But you really have to be responsible when you have a dog. Lahat talaga kami mahilig sa aso so wala kaming problema kung marami ‘yung aso,”

"They are my therapy. They never complain. I used to bring them to work all the time but recently, they have been taking turns, they have a schedule,” she says. “I treat them like one of us, we do a lot of things together, they are even used to eating beside me!”

 “You learn a lot na you don’t learn from school. I learned so much like ‘yung pakikisama. Five years ago, if you met me, you wouldn’t like me. I was super arte, to the top talaga! I was a little bit of an airhead. But in showbiz, you gain a lot of wisdom, you build your character, you learn a lot about life, about surviving, dealing with people, dealing with conflicts, even about saying no,” she looks back with a smile.          

"I like it so much. I love it because not everyone gets the chance to do this. I pray a lot and I feel that we’re given a certain a position in this world to do something good. Meron akong gustong sabihin because people watch you, you can say something and people listen,” 

“If you really love something, give it a shot and pray, if it’s not for you, don’t give up. There are times that you may want to give up, but just keep on going, keep praying, and if it is really for you God is going to give it to you. Love with all your heart,” she ends, spoken straight from where else, but her heart.

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