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Boys of Summer by Students and Campuses (Complete Pictures and More)

As promised!! Here is summer's last hurrah!! 
The Boys of Summer

With only a few weeks left until school starts, Students and Campuses Bulletin gives you these hot young celebrities that you'll surely keep buzzing about even after summer's over...
(if you want to read the full article, click here) 

(if you want to read the full article, click here) 

Sam Concepcion
18, singer, actor, dancer, host, advocate for World Vision, Department of Education ambassador.

What is the craziest pick-up line you’ve used on a girl? 
I really don’t use pick up lines. I try to strike a conversation, and I usually think of something on top of my head, or something I noticed about her. I try to find a common ground so that we can have something to talk about.

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Navy-striped Shirt and Denim Cargo Shorts from Bench
Sunglasses and Belt from MSense available at SM Department Stores

Enrique Gil
19, star of “Mula sa Puso” and “Good Vibes.” A laid-back kind of guy.

Which do you prefer, to party on the beach with friends, or to go on a road trip with someone you like? 
Road trip with someone I like! Okay rin ‘yung beach with friends, but I will remember the road trip more. Kasi ‘pag friends ang kasama, the next morning hindi mo na maalala ‘yung mga nangyari. Siguro I’d take her somewhere cold and romantic, maybe somewhere in the South — Laguna or Tagaytay. I want it laid-back, chill.

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Blue Sleeveless Top, Cargo-boardshorts, and Belt from Folded and Hung

Fredison Lo
21, all-around performer, artist-on-the-side, self-confessed dork, Communication Arts major, cast member of TV5’s remake of ‘80’s sitcom “Iskul Bukol.”

A girl’s pretty face is enough to catch any guy’s initial interest, but what’s the deal breaker in finding out if you’re really into someone? 
I’m really into the smart, quiet type…the girl-next-door with a bit of a wild side. ‘Yung parang may kulo sa loob…and funny ‘cause I’m naturally not funny, which is weird ‘cause I’m in a sitcom now.

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V-neck Shirt from  Folded and Hung
Blue Shorts from Marrkus available at SM Department Store
Belt from MSense available at SM Department Store

Marco Mañalac
22, actor, commercial model, Ateneo De Manila University cum laude Communication graduate, writer.

Have you ever wanted to get out of a date so bad that you invented some lame excuses? 
No, I never do that. Respect naman for the girl, not to hurt her feelings. Be nice because even if a date is not working, just try to have a good time like good friends. It’s like closing a door on everything if you are going to do that.

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Jacket from Cambio (available at SM Department Store)
Knitted Sando from Folded and Hung
Orange Shorts from Markkus available at SM Department Stores...


On Sam... Green Checkered Top, Brown Jeans from Bench 

On Enrique... Red Checkered Sleeveless Top, Acid Washed Torned Skinny Jeans, Necklace, and Belt from Folded and Hung

On Fredison... Hooded Checkered Top from Cambio (Available at SM Dept Stores), Denim Shorts from Folded and Hung , accessories from MSense (Available at SM Dept Stores)

On Marco... Checkered Top from Folded and Hung, Grey Denims from 101 New York (through SM Dept Stores)

Photography by Jerico Montemayor
(Assisted by Paolo Sy) of Illuminati
Creative Direction by Jaser Marasigan
Styling by James Patrick Diche
Grooming by Eman De Leon (For revlon)
and Rhina Montemayor
Shot on location at Manila Diamond Hotel

Special thanks to AC Castro, SM Department Store, Millie Castro, 
Alan Vianzon (Folded and Hung), Gian Carlo Vizcarra (Stages)

Photos owned by Manila Bulletin- Students and Campuses
visit their fan page HERE
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  1. Fredison Lo's answers are all lies. Yes, he's been to beaches several times but he's made out and done crazy things with men, NEVER women. He is gay. Doesn't want to come out but he is. I can prove it and I know a lot of people who can attest to that too. Fredison, do not say things that are so made-up just to get a career. It would've been okay actually if he were JUST gay but he's also very manipulative and has been playin with several guys' feelings, making out with them and then leaving them hanging.I'm just out to say the truth. It doesnt matter how people may react to this post. It's just the plain truth.