Monday, June 6, 2011

Pak na Pak na Kermit Tesoro!!!

Who says Pinoys are not Fashion Forward again??!

Congratulations Kermit Tesoro for proving the "fashion forward girl" wrong 
and for having one of your creations included in the recent Lady Gaga + Gilt Campaign!!!
That is Kermit's Heel-less Shoes!

and here is the Campaign!

Gilt Groupe is an International Fashion Sale Website that sells designer labels and fashion brands at prices discounted up to 60% off it's retail price. Thierry Mugler (Gilt Groupe's Creative Director) and Nicola Formichetti collaborated (earlier this year) to release a campaign that features the style of Gaga...
and here's the cover.  
it opened last May 20 and lasted only for 3 days! In time with Lady Gaga's album release.

Going back....

Kermit Tesoro is one of the country's top young designers! His creations are inspired and often compared to that of Alexander McQueen, Nina Ricci, and Martin Margiela, holds a certain touch of uniqueness and class that's totally Pinoy yet at par with the top caliber fashion designers around the world.

Kermit is known for his fashion forward designs

and infamous shoes!!

Having his creation included in the Lady Gaga + Gilt Campaign is a step forward to stardom for Kermit!

I am definitely looking forward to hearing more about his creations and his success!!


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