Friday, June 3, 2011

High Heeled Teva and Platform Jil Sander Birkenstock

Grey Ant Teva = Cool but overpriced!
Jil Sander Birkenstock = Fabulous!!

Who would have thought that a sporty and outdoorsy Teva Sandals like this....
could look like this....

Yes, it did happen... 
It's a collaboration between Grey Ant and Teva and it cost $330.00!!!
It's a little to expensive (I think) considering Teva Sandals are supposed to be functional and this High Heels will definitely not meet that reputation.

Meanwhile, The Jil Sander Birkenstock are festive!!

From this...

To this...

It's chic and it looks so comfortable! With the signature Birkenstock cork-sole and buckle, this fashionable platforms costs $550.00!!

My vote goes to Jil Sander Birkenstocks!

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