Monday, June 6, 2011

The Fun Is In The Finds- My Budget Friendly Shopping Locations

The fun is in the finds, indeed!
Whenever I'm on a budget, and I feel like buying new sets of clothes without spending that much.
There are two places I go to...

First is, The Landmark in Makati!
This is probably one of the oldest structures in Makati shopping area....
... but don't be fooled by it's old exteriors. 
What you will find inside are really good clothes that's right on the budget and style!

2nd place I go to is, The Fashion Market 
Located at Market Market in Taguig
Market Market is owned by Ayala Malls- but what's surprising with this place is, aside from the usual Expensive Branded Outlets we find in other Ayala Malls. Market Market has 3 options for shoppers- They have Robinson's Department Store, the Branded Luxury Outlets, and the Bazaars located inside the mall!!! 

Going back to the topic...

I had the luxury of time to drop by the Fashion Market (@Market Market) a couple of days ago. The original  plan was to just do window shopping. But after seeing some nice pieces of shirts, I had to break my plan and get at least one of them. 

Here's one of my favorite spots in the Fashion Market! 
The shop's name is "Top & Bottom"
I'm not sure if this shop is affiliated with the one in Malate before, one thing is for sure though, 
Their pieces are Fierce and Stylish!! 
According to the sales lady, their clothes and accessories are from Bangkok.

What I like more about The Fashion Market is that here you can Haggle!!
This place can get a little crowded on weekends, though not as toxic as that of Baclaran and Divi, just  crowded. Good thing they have centralized AC!!

More pics below!

They have lots of pieces for Men and Women! Young and Old alike!

I bought a shirt here! Yes, it's just Php150.00!!!

Shirts are also from Bangkok! They are free-size though...
.... so those who are in the Plus Size side of Fashion, 
there are other shops in the Fashion Market that offers pieces with sizes.

My Tips for Budget Shoppers who plan to visit The Fashion Market (@Market Market)

1. Learn to Haggle!! Haggle this and haggle that! Even the items that are tagged "Sale or Discounted", that's the magic word... HAGGLE!
2. Don't buy impulsively. Most of the Items here are from Bangkok and most of the shops offer the same style of item but has difference in price. So be patient, and try to move around.
3. Sizes are limited, so for those on the plus size side (don't be sad) there are shops that offer items with American Sizes.
4. Watch out for the catch! These items will not be on sale if there's no catch! Either they are from the past season or (worse) they are damaged! So before you hand that precious cash over, and to avoid going back to return and exchange the item. Make sure to check your picks from every side and every seam.
5. Lastly, like in any other places be careful with your belongings!!

That's all!!

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