Monday, January 2, 2012

The Best 2012 Welcomes (for me)

Happy New Year Y'all!!

So it's a new year for me and my blog (yey to me!). How did you guys celebrate the new years Eve? I initially wanted to go to one of the New Year's Eve countdowns within the metro, but changed my mind when I felt the side effects of a freshly inked tattoo. We didn't have expensive fireworks (even firecrackers) at home. We only had loud speakers and a honking car that created the noise that welcomed 2012. Regardless, we still had fun, nothing beats enjoying the new years eve with your love ones you know!

Having said so, one of the best things to do during the first few hours of the year is to watch how every country celebrates the welcoming of the new year. I never get to see it live on CNN, thanks to Youtube I get to see some of the best Fireworks displays that welcomed 2012.

 Here are my Top 3 picks for the best New Year's Eve 2012 fireworks (in no particular order, lol)

Dubai- Burj Khalifa
I love what they did with Burj Khalifa! Being Dubai's greatest landmark, I think The Burj is the best centerpiece for such extravaganza! I'm just wondering though- what happened to the guests who stayed in that fabulous hotel that night??

Australia - Sydney Harbor

They have perfectly utilized Sydney Harbor!! Seeing the colorful fireworks and how it reflects on the water is simply amazing.

London - Big Ben / London Eye
London's presentation is just jaw-dropping!! They utilized London's latest landmark, The London Eye, really well. But what made this presentation amazing (aside from the fireworks) is the festive music selection!!

I don't recommend you guys to watch the rest of the videos (watch at your own risk, lol).

2011 has been a great year for me! I created this blog in 2011. I styled probably some of the biggest local (and some international) celebrities in 2011. I celebrated my first year as a Data Analyst, 4th year with my partner, and 27th year of being me in 2011.

It's nice to be able to count your blessings and look forward to another year full of positivity! Let's all stay alive, safe, and healthy this 2012!!!

Happy New Year Guys!!


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