Monday, January 2, 2012

Jinkee P Covers Mega Magazine for January 2012

Jinkee! Jinkee! Jinkee!! 

So everyone (I mean everyone!) was shocked when they saw Jinkee Pacquiao's Mega Magazine cover yesterday! Why? Im not telling. Just see it for yourself.

Most said it's extremely photo-shopped. Some are just over-acting. I listed down some of the funniest comments I read on Mega Magazine's comment thread (
.....  "mega magazine, pls add the name of the graphic artist to credits.. 
at least we can say "great job." Yesterday at 1:11pm ·  ·  19

----   "Half man half science! Kudos to the Bello group! :)" 23 hours ago · 
 ·  4

----- "That is the nice part about of reconstructive surgery, 
technology of photoshop, technology of make up............
that will make you look like the one you dream to be.........
Kristine Hermosa? Bakit di si Krista Ranillo?"
19 hours ago ·  ·  2

Photography by Seven Barretto
Art Director Mica Santos 
Styling Angela S. Alarcon / Miel Villamor 
Makup Krist Bansuelo
Hair Pops de Guzman

I'm not an expert of photography neither Photoshop editing and so I cant say whether this is extremely edited or not. For people to think that a magazine cover was extremely photo-shopped could be a good thing for the magazine (publicity and all) and an insult to the cover model. Photo-shopped or not Mega Magazine did a great job on their first cover for 2012!! Jinkee looked gorgeous in that photo, and whether she's photo-shopped or surgically enhanced, she still looked good, and can't we just be happy for her?? 

PS: Photo-shopped = Digitally retouched through some software.

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