Thursday, January 5, 2012

Overcharging, Abusive, Rude Taxi Drivers- Here's How You Can Report Them

You're not a Filipino if you have not experienced abusive and over-charging taxi drivers! 
It sucks when all you wanted was to get home comfortably and these cab drivers won't let you ride because you don't want to add 50 Pesos or just cause they feel FTI/Paranaque is a long drive from Makati.

Well at least now we can easily report them without doing the 
hassles of sending written complaints and calling busy trunk lines, 
thanks to  everything is as easy as 1-2-3!

You just have to type in the Plate Number , Choose the violation from the drop-down options, write the Taxi Name and your comments, the click "Kick This Taxi". The app will then send an email with the details of the complaint to LTFRB. 

Over-charging, contracting, refused boarding, rude behavior, and even smelly interiors are some of the violations listed in

Here are actual complaints submitted today (01/06/2011) App was developed by Pencil Rocket (a group of concerned web designers and developers based in Manila). You can follow them on Twitter @TaxiKick  and "like" their facebook page here!

I am yet to send in a complaint using (thanks to my ever dependable 2nd hand wagon), but I know sooner or later I will. Let's face it, getting a Taxi here in Manila (on a regular day) is like getting a flight to Boracay on Holy Week. You have to work hard to get one! 

source: Rappler


  1. I am Indian and staying in Makati from last 6 months. I would like to Philippines has worst taxi drivers I have ever seen in my life even in worst of places you find decent guys. They would try to rob you the moment they get an oportunity. If you travelling single , they would definitely try to take advantage. Be careful, i mean very very careful..

  2. Im a foreinger in Manila on my 4th year. I live here because i have a daughter and a filippina girlfriend. Im so sick and tired of taxis trying to scam you everywhere you go. Its the worst service i ever had compared to all the countries ive ever been to. Almost all taxi drivers in Manila are criminals.

    1. Even drivers in GrabTaxi apps are criminals. Just use uber or grabcar for a private driver. I don't trust taxis.