Friday, November 4, 2011

In Need Of Costume... Who You Gonna Call? (Twinkelitas)

Halloween (for me) is the most festive annual celebration aside from Christmas and New Year. 
Why? Because I get to wear what I want and be who I want to be for that one night, that one festive Halloween Night. When we were kids (my cousins and I) join "Trick or Treat" activities. I have been a Clown, A Killer Clown, A Ghost, A Gay Fairy (how redundant), An Angel, A School Boy, and so on. Up until I reached that awkward adolescence stage and decided to stop that tradition. Since then I have been attending Halloween Parties wearing Goth (complete with eyeliners and dark lipstick) as it is the easiest trick to do to look like you're wearing a costume. 

This year was a lot different, I realized that I'm way past my mid 20's and it would be nice to go back to that childhood tradition of wearing a costume. This time it's different 'coz I get to decide what to wear and who I would be. Thank God for that serendipitous moment I was able to materialize my Halloween plans this year, that's because.....

....I was lucky enough to have crossed paths with (probably) the first ever costume maker I have ever met. And when I say lucky, I totally mean it! Her business is not your typical run off the mill sewing business. Hers is BIG time!! She has made costumes for big personalities, TV series, and theater musicals. Her name is Twinkle Dimayuga-Zamora, owner of "Twinkelita Costume Shop".

That's Twinkle Dimayuga-Zamora striking a pose inside the shop's stock area!
Twinkle Dimayuga- Zamora is a Psychology graduate of De La Salle University. She started off as a professional dancer (used to be a member of the then famous Bellestar Dancers) and every once in a while you can still see her (on TV) doing her pirouettes and one-leg stands (mostly on Kapuso shows). Twinkle said dancing was her first passion, until her mother (Bella Dimayuga/ founder of Bellestar Promotions and Bellestar Dancers) asked her to start making costumes for the dance group. It was how her current passion, Twinkelita Costume Shop, was born.

Twinkle said running the costume shop is never easy. When the Bellestar Dancers disbanded she had to work hard to find new clients for the shop. Now on its 15th year, Twinkelita Costume Shop is still rolling, thanks to Twinkle's extreme dedication and extensive network that helped her make the business grow successfully. 

Rolls of ribbons accessorized the shop's ceiling!
Name it and Twinkelita Costume Shop can make it, from costumes for special events (eg. Halloween) and major TV or theater shows, to accessories (eg. bags, jackets) for company giveaways, even swimsuits, wedding gowns, and dresses! You have your idea (or peg) and original design, bring it to them and they will make it for you. Twinkle said she works hands on with her clients. So if you have an original design (or a peg of a dress or outfit that you want to do) but can't start doing it because you just don't know how, bring it to Twinkelita Costume Shop and they will execute it for you!!

Twinkelita's friendly and skillful workers!

Rolls of colorful clothes inside the shop's stock area
Twinkle's advice to young and aspiring entrepreneurs out there:

"Stay true and be honest to your clients. If you want to get into any business, it is important to meet the deadline, to deliver on time."

And so my Halloween gimmick went on as planned. I wore my Red Ridinghood-inspired costume (courtesy of Twinkelita Costume Shop) to the Cream Halloween Ball last October 29, 2011. They definitely made my costume partying comeback successful as I got lots of requests for pictures!! (lol.. I'll post pics of the party very soon!)

If you want to check out photos of Twinkle's works you can visit their Facebook and Multiply sites by clicking HERE 

Here are Twinkelita's contact details.... 

OFFICE: +02-487-5416
MOBILE: 0922-8727568 (Twinkle Zamora)
ADDRESS: 1201 Algeciras cor. Dapitan St. Sampaloc, Manila

Now I'm looking forward to my next costume!! See you soon Twinkelitas!!



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