Thursday, November 17, 2011

BTS: Marc Nelson Feature on Manila Bulletin

What is Marc's favorite animal???
It was last month when we did the photo shoot for probably the most eligible bachelor in town, Marc Nelson. What got us all excited is, it was done at a very special location - his house!! Marc was kind enough to let us inside his newly renovated house, and if I'm not mistaken we are the first local media to enter and do a shoot inside his residence. 

Here are some photos of Marc and us during the shoot!
That's RHINA, our make up artistl!
Marc let us inside his fabulous walk-in closet! So we were given time to choose pieces among his extensive and very organized wardrobe.

that's me in pink, and Pierre folding! and YES it takes 2 to fold those sleeves! LOL
Doing the 1st Layout! 
 Everything is a breeze, especially when your model is as good-looking as Marc!

Nope, that's not Albert Martinez!! That's Marc Nelson!!
Marc and his very comfortable sofa!!
If it ain't that obvious, Marc supports healthy living. He and his bestfriend Rovilson currently endorses this new chips made from Soy beans, called Soyami.
That's the centerpiece on his dining table!! The Terra Cotta Warriors!

Here's his Living Room!!
That lounge is right outside his recreation area!
Can you spot how many of his favorite animal are in this photo??
Marc said he never had a plan when he was younger. He's just out there exploring the world, learning a lot of things, until an opportunity came and everything got better!!
Marc loves to read!!! And in this pic you'll see his favorite animal again!!!

Here's a photo collection from his Amazing Race Asia stint.
Marc said it's a gift from his buddy Rovilson!
That's Marc on his bed!!! 
Marc being interviewed! 
it's nice to know that Marc also supports various charities. One of them is World Vision. He said he is currently sponsoring 11 kids to school.
Marc showed some of the letters he received from his scholars at World Vision 
And after you see this last picture, Im sure you'll be able to answer the question above!

That's Ohm!! One of Marc's friendly pet turtles...
 There are 3 things I learned about Marc that day!
* According to Marc, he only spends around 1/3 of the year in his house. 2/3 of which means he is outside the country travelling either for work or leisure. That is why he allowed one of his friends to stay/lodge in his house, just so someone could look over it when he's not around.
*  One of his pet peeves is "trash" (esp Cigarette Butts). Marc said he can't stand the sight of cigarette butts (or bottles) around the shores of his favorite beaches. 
* He loves animals, especially Turtles!! Contrary to what most people think, Turtles are fast swimmers, and they are cool and calm animals, according to Marc..

After meeting Marc, I can say that he is not your typical good-looking guy! No wonder some of my girlfriends are envious every time I tell them that I've met Marc and have been to his house. There is definitely more to Marc than what we see on TV!!

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