Tuesday, November 8, 2011

BTS: Marian Rivera Shoot

 It was brunch of September 27 (2011) and  not your typical September afternoon. While Typhoon Pedring was battering the Metro, we were at Rockwell shooting The Marian Rivera. Since her handler said it's okay for Marian to do the shoot even with the weather situation, the creative director decided it's a go. 

We pulled out clothes from her clothing sponsor Karimadon, the previous day. I chose mostly colored clothes (and one animal print) to match the props of the shoot (which is Ice Cream). 

Here are the clothes I chose. The festive accessories are from "Palamuti" by Pj Valenciano. 

Filipino-Swiss Marlon Stockinger (Soon to be F1 racer and part-time model for Cal Carrie's Philippines) graced the shoot as Marian's partner. He was in the country that time! 

Marian arrived with a smile (no typhoon can ruin her good mood) and she even cracked jokes. 
That's Rhina (Montemayor) and Martin (Alonzo) doing Marian's Hair and Makeup!

On the first layout, Marian game-fully poses ala Coco Rocha with that animal print Karimadon Dress!! 

Marian poured out her honest answers during the interview!

Marlon waited for the 3rd layout!

Look at how lovely that color is on Marian's porcelain-like skin!

Marian posed fierce-fully for the last layout!

3 things I learned about Marian....
* she doesn't want people taking a video of her when she's working (learning from some past incidents).
* She has a sense of humor and can deliver a joke well.
* "The Ice Cream Bar" is her favorite hangout place on her free time!! 
(and her favorite ice cream is red monggo...oh that's four things)
Grab a copy of today's issue of Manila Bulletin and check out Students and Campuses Section featuring Primetime Queen, 
Marian Rivera!!!


  1. marian, your so pretty!!!!!!!!! i love you gurl

  2. ang ganda ni ate marian!!!!:))

  3. you are my idol..your the best talaga..wish i can meet you in person

  4. super..super ganda mo tlaga wlang ta2lo syo amaya