Sunday, August 21, 2011

Maria Aragon Feature On Manila Bulletin Out This Wednesday

PHOTOS here are unofficial! I'll be posting the pics on Wednesday afternoon!

Thursday (August 18, 2011), was supposed to be just another regular day for me. But luckily, it's not!
I was given the opportunity to style Filipina Youtube Sensation, Maria Lourdes Aragon.

Maria Aragon, as she is famously known, had no formal training in singing and playing the piano. It was all self-taught with some help from her older brother (JV) who plays the piano really well. Maria, shot to stardom when her version of "Born This Way" was retweeted by  Lady Gaga herself last February 2011. Immediately her name trended in Twitter Worldwide, and in less than 48 hours Maria is already allover the global news.

"It happened so fast!" according to Maria. In 24 hours their house was already surrounded by media and paparazzi. Things got a little O.O.C that they are forced to transfer to another house.
UNOFFICIAL PHOTO: Maria Aragon for a photo shoot I styled last Thursday!!
Clothes, Shoes, and Acessories from SM Departent Store
Everything has been good to Maria since then, she sang a duet with Lady Gaga during her Canadian Tour,  met Canada's Prime Minister and had him visit their home, and recently she sang for (and met) Prince William and Duchess Katherine during their Canadian visit.

And there is more surprises coming from Maria!! We're told that she modeled for Ralph Lauren's  Fall 2011 Collection and their campaign will be out very soon!!!

Maria is currently in the country to promote her first ever album! It is already out and available in Music Stores nationwide and also for download, so you guys get a copy!!

Maria's feature on Manila Bulletin (Students and Campuses) will be out on August 24, Wednesday this week!! I must say, I love the official pictures!! 

UNOFFICIAL PHOTO: Another layout! Maria Aragon Photo shoot! 

PS: I was also able to meet Maria's mom (Menchie) and her siblings (Rojuane, Linger, and JV) during the shoot. They were all very down to earth and friendly. Which made the shoot very easy! 

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