Saturday, August 13, 2011

If You Think That's It, There's More!! Neil Etheridge for Folded and Hung Part 2

Good things come to those who wait!!

If you think that (Photo above) is the first and last photo of Neil for Folded and Hung
- then you're definitely wrong!!!!

* * *
Twitter went crazy over Neil Etheridge for Folded and Hung Feature on Phil Star this morning!!
(click here for the PhilStar Feature) 
Crazy in a good way! Upon checking, the feature has more photos of Neil Etheridge's Ad Campaign for Folded and Hung wearing their latest underwear collection!!

And YES! Neil Etheridge (for me) can be our very own David Beckham! (walang basagan ng trip!) I don't think I have to explain why. Just look at the photos and you'll know.

Here it is, added photos of Neil for (my number 1 clothing brand) Folded and Hung!!
I love this photo!!!
I would love to get a piece of that .... underwear!!! 

and this one (underwear) too!!
Those abs and legs are to die for!!!

This is a clearer version of the First Pic!!

Folded and Hung also posted the pictures on their Facebook Page!
And thanks Style Narratives (Luis Espiritu Jr.) for posting clear photos on his blog!


This is definitely a happy weekend!!!

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