Friday, August 19, 2011

Can't Get Enough Of The Azkals

Hot dogs indeed!!
Those abs!!

If you think Ali, Neil, and the Younghusband's are the hottest things that happened to The Philippine Football Team Azkals. Think again!

For the latest Ad of Health & Beyond, 4 more Azkal hotties showcased their lean and mean physique. Only this time these men are wearing shorts! (lol)  I think they are perfect for the job, who else would be? These Azkals are healthy and more!

Here are the pics! Enjoy!

Azkals' veteran player Anton Del Rosario

Azkals  Fil-English defender Rob Gier

Fil-Iranian Striker Misagh Bahadoran

Fil-Am Midfielder Nate Burket
Fil-English Midfielder Simon Greatwich


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