Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Historical MacArthur Suite Experience

The other day, I styled a photo shoot for (I cant say just yet) a festive celebrity. We held the photo shoot at Manila Hotel, in one of their fabulous suites called Mac Arthur Suite.

At first, I wasn't really excited about the location- I'm like okay Manila Hotel, nice and grand. But when I was told that it is a room filled with history, I immediately got curious to check it out. The first few minutes upon entering the suite gave me goosebumps, not because it was that fabulous but because I felt that weird feeling you'll have when you walk inside an enclosed area hearing nothing but dead silence. I immediately felt the "Okay I'm back in 1940's" feel. Felt a bit of negative energy, probably because of the ventilation and the scent of antique woods and ornaments placed all around the suite. But when they turned the Aircondition on everything started to lighten up.

I was able to take some pictures of the interiors using my mobile phone, and must I say it was GRAND!
A Masters Bedroom with a huge Toilet and Bath that has a Dressing Room, A Guest Room with own Toilet and Bath, A Kitchen, Fabulous Dining Area, A Personal Office Area, And a huge living room!! Not to mention a view overlooking Manila Bay (don't ask me details of the view though). One of the staffs said it cost 100k/day to stay in the MacArthur Suite. I didn't bother to confirm it though. Here are the photos, enjoy!

The Living Room: looked like the office of the president

The Bedroom 1
Bedroom window with a view of Manila Bay 
 The bedroom has an anteroom with a letter couch and 2 Lazyboys.

The dining area
The Living Room with the view of Manila Bay

Some vintage photos of Gen. MacArthur's family in his mini-office
and this is the mini-office where MacArthur worked during his stay
 It was historical, because General Douglas MacArthur stayed there from 1935-1941. They also said that most US dignitaries and famous personalities have stayed in this suite. Bill Clinton and, the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson have stayed in this suite during their visit here in Manila.

It was an experience for me, being able to walk and sat and touch the same floor, chairs, and stuff  that these remarkable and historical people have touched.

Jp was here!! lol

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