Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Vogue's Top 10 Models of 2011

Ever wondered who among the numerous Top Models had the most number of features and editorials in Vogue Magazines (worldwide) for 2011? 

Here's a Top 10 list made by Fashionista.com tallied based on the quantity and quality. "Not only must a models’ appearances be plentiful, but the quality of those appearances must be stellar as well. This includes factors like only-girl editorials, the caliber of photographers they work with and editions they’re in, and their number of overall pages." (Photos courtesy of Fashionista)

Let's do this from 10-1!!!

Karmen (Ford Models) did not do any editorials for US Vogue but
she has been busy gracing the covers and spreads for UK and Paris!
Liu (Marilyn) started off gracing several editorials for her native Vogue China last year and expanded
to Italia, Spain, and US without having to share the spotlight in her editorials.
Sasha (IMG) may not show up in the same amount of editions that her list-mates do,
she has a significant presence in editions like
Vogue US and Paris,
the latter of which featured her more than any other model this year.
It was an end-of-year push that gave Natasha (Women) the strength to nab spot number 7. Natasha got a gig guest-editing the November issue of Vogue Spain which had a significant effect on her standing.
Joan‘s work this year has the brilliant building blocks for a spot on the top 3 — repeat appearances in top editions like Italy, Paris, and US, and working with over a dozen big name photographers. Although, Joan (IMG) almost always shares the spotlight, and gets much fewer pages on average than all the other ladies on this list. 
Another Vogue US favorite, Lara (IMG) manages to court the biggest name photographers and editions in the game. The Calvin Klein model was a big cover girl for 2011 with a total of six, includingVogue Paris twice
Anja (NEXT) has been in the game for quite some time and has managed a consistency of work that’s tough to achieve, let alone maintain. This year has been successful both personally and professionally for the Polish model. Anja appeared on the covers of Vogue not once, but twice with her husband and fellow model, Sasha Knezevic.
Top campaigns, her Victoria’s Secret debut, and that controversial, headline-making Italian Vogue editorial. Not to mention Anna Wintour’s love affair with Karlie (NEXT) continues, she spent most of her time in the pages of the American edition. More than any other model, in fact.
Raquel (DNA) has been in the business for over 10 years, an astounding amount of time to be in the business for any model, and continues to prove just how in demand she is. Meiselhas been all over her (two Vogue Italia covers to her credit in 2011) and her work with top photographers like David Sims and Inez & Vinoodh keeps her in the pages of Vogue US and Paris.

And the top spot goes to....

Arizona Muse
"Arizona’s scoresheet was predictably well-rounded. She worked with the best photographers, scored the most solo editorials and graced enough pages to fill an entire August issue all on her own (that’s about 220 for those of you keeping track). She started the year with a bang by starring in only-girl editorials for Vogue China, Italia, Paris, UK and US, and that was in just one month!"

Well, at least my beloved Lara made it to this list! But yeah Arizona Muse is just so big this year!!

Speacial thanks to Fashionista.com for making this list!

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