Friday, December 2, 2011

Georgina Wilson It's You Already!! lol

Fashion's go to girl!

After appearing as model/stylist for Bench Body in Americas Next Top Model, Georgina Wilson now graces the cover of Rogue Magazine's December Issue!

Remember how i said Rogue Mag has the ability to combine sexy and classy? This latest cover is another proof of my statement. Georgina baring her chest in the photo. Having only a portion of the printed number 50 covering the sensitive area yet still the photo looks sophisticated. Photographed by Mark Nicdao, Rogue's latest issue is already available in major book stores and magazine stands nationwide.

Georgina is probably one of the fashion industry's influential figures. Being able to make Rogue Magazine trend in Twitter yesterday is a proof of Georgina's strong following.

A lot of her fans consider her as the pinoy version of the international supermodel Coco Rocha, because of their striking resemblance. This was not left unnoticed by the international supermodel since Georgina's followers were also able to make "Coco Rocha" trend in twitter philippines. By night time yesterday, the international supermodel acknowledged Georgina's presence and even tweeted that she already started following Georgina.

According to Georgina, she is a big fan of Coco Rocha and she is always honored everytime her fans tell her she looks like the supermodel.

This is one great move for Rogue Magazine, a great year ender issue! Congrats to your team!!!

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